Confidence is a living organism

Confidence is a living organism

Where do you find yourself on this path?

Confidence is a living organism.

It grows as you grow. If you don’t it lies dormant, just breathing. Hiding and waiting.
The moment you come into action and shift your attention it’s heartbeat picks up. It pulses through you with a rhythm that refuses to back down. The more you feed it, the more it becomes part of you.

How does this happen?
Step 1 is to connect with your Source, God or Higher Power.
Step 2, you learn and become strong.
Step 3, you begin to explore the possibilities.
Step 4, you become diligent.
a) You dream
b) You tap into all life gives you.
c) You start to act on the dreams
Soon your confidence grows and you and confidence become one. Lifting your soul and spirit.
Your creativity starts to blossom and you step into your destiny.

Where do you find yourself on this path?

Rest helps me function well

Rest helps me function well


If you deprive any animal of sleep, even for a short period, it will die. There are biological, physiological, psychological, theological and sociological needs for us to rest. In other words, rest is LOGICAL! Scientists used to think that when we slept, the brain shut down. Now we know that when we sleep at night our resting brains are far from idle.
In sleep, our brains go to work consolidating memories, reviewing the events and conversations of the day and looking for creative solutions to the problems we have faced.
Every second of your life you are busy producing antibodies, repairing your-self and adapting. Removing rest damages your ability to remember and learn. You also increase your chances of stroke and heart attack, give yourself a higher chance of getting other illnesses, mess up your skin and even set yourself on a path of weight gain.
When I read information like this, I just want to praise God for how wonderfully He has made us! We are intricately built and fabulously designed. But we have a part to play in order to help ourselves function at our best.
Psalm 127: 2 (NLT) says:
“It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night, anxiously working for food to eat; for God gives rest to his loved ones.”
· Do you recognize your own life in those verses?
· Is “anxious working” something you struggle with?
Perhaps you need reminding again of the truth that God gives rest to His loved ones.
I think one of the problems we face is that we work hard and then wait for the world to grant us the space to rest. But it never comes. I can promise you something: you are not going to magically find a time where your life slows down. Therefore, you need to deliberately practice rest now. It requires discipline and planning. If you want rest, you will have to prioritize it, diary–date-it and be intentional with it.
Do you recognize your own need for rest?
Do you plan rest into your diary?
Do you ever work on your day off because you feel anxious about completing a task?
Take some time today to pray for intentional times this year when you will rest and recover. Ask God to highlight any problems in your sleep patterns that need addressing.
Taken from YouVersion The Rest of your life. Bible plan.
Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Nuwe vrystelling: Juweel van die Oosgrens

Titel – Juweel van die Oosgrens

Skrywer – Lynelle Clark

Genre – Geskiedkundige roman

Bladsye 244

Gedrukte Boek: 978-0-620-90279-3

Kindle: 978-0-620-90280-9


Die mengsel van tale het ʼn groot rol gespeel in die skepping van die taal wat ons vandag ken. Afrikaans is gevorm in die warm kombuise en wye vlaktes van ons mooi land en het vir vele interessante oomblikke gesorg.

1815 is gekenmerk deur aanpassings, afstande en onluste. In die midde hiervan het Celeste Reyneke geleef. Op haar agtiende verjaarsdag verander haar lewe dramaties en eindig op in ‘n gerieflikheidshuwelik. Twee jaar later moet sy die wêreld weer alleen in die gesig staar en beland op die Oosgrens. Die tweejaar-lange huwelik was alles behalwe maanskyn en rose en eindig traumaties. Ontnugterd volg sy die pad die binneland in.

Celeste het grootgeword in die Kaap van Storms met ʼn oop gemoed en lus vir die lewe. Sy kon lees en skryf en het ʼn ‘beroep’ gehad. Vir haar het dit natuurlik gekom om die tyd en reëls te verander soos wat die geleentheid hom voorgedoen het. Haar unieke talente kom dadelik op die voorgrond en gou besef mense sy is ʼn aanwins vir die gemeenskap. Maar sy het ook die koppe laat draai. Met die tekort aan vroue en haar natuurlike skoonheid trek sy die aandag.

Barend Olivier, die toonbeeld van manlikheid en dapperheid, is op soek na ʼn vrou wat sal aanpas by sy lewe aan die Oosgrens. Tydens ʼn tweeweke-lange patrollie leer die twee mekaar ken. Maar die pad is lank, warm en rof en ʼn man kan net so lank van ʼn aantreklike vrou af wegbly voor die fisiese begeertes oorneem. Sal hulle betyds ʼn prediker kan vind?

Die belangrikste vraag is: Sal Celeste hom toelaat om haar lief te hê?

Ek nooi jou om saam met my op hierdie reis te gaan en nie net die spanning van hierdie tydperk te ervaar nie, maar ook die romanse te vind in die grasvlaktes van ons mooi land.

Juweel van die Oosgrens

Renewal of mind leads to prosperity.

A cluttered mind cannot be filled with new thoughts. In Christianity, miracles cannot follow unbelieve. So it is safe to say that if you do not renew your mind you will not grow.
It works the same with our creative mind. A cluttered mind cannot create freely. Our minds must become uncluttered.
The reason that many struggles with blocks. These blocks manifest itself in depression, lies we tell ourselves, busyness, sticking our nose where it does not belong, tiredness and much more. It is then that we fall back on a coping mechanism that dulls the emotions, fears and senses. But this is only a short-lived way until it catches up with us. When in fact all we had to do was to change our thoughts.
This is especially true when you are required to take the next step in your creative path. In order to grow as an artist, we have to take stock of our thoughts, patterns and core beliefs to progress. Adjustments have to be made to excel. We can never stay the same.
God will take you just as you are but in order to become stronger and Christ-like, you have to change. Likewise, it is the same in your creativity. No matter your belief. Change is crucial.
To change sounds simple enough… well, on paper it does. 🙂 In reality, it is the difference between living in true freedom of expression or being stuck.
Renewal of the mind, setting the intentions on what you want to do, allowing some quiet time to get recharged, taking care of yourself, sifting through and dealing with the clutter to receive healing, helps you as a creative being to grow and prosper. Meaning your thoughts becomes a free-flowing river that touches your inner man and expression – in whatever form- becomes easy.
It all begins with a decision.
This is vital for your peace of mind number one and growth as an artist number two.
It is the ability to recognise who you are, set aside the coping mechanisms and sort out what hinders your creativity. Only then can you be truly free to receive the miracle of creativity.
Be kind to yourself and grow.

The specialist: How a Jack-of-all-trades Writer niches down.


The Specialist: How a Jack-of-All-Trades Writer Niches Down
Thanks to Word Wise tips for this devotional. 
King Hezekiah and the officials ordered the Levites to praise the LORD with the psalms written by David and by Asaph the seer. (2 Chronicles 29:30, NLT)
A specialist focuses on writing in a particular niche or two, either in an industry or in a writing genre.
A generalist, on the other hand, writes on multiple topics and in several genres.
One week, the generalist is writing a series of articles on sailing regattas. The next week, the generalist is writing a newsletter for an orthodontist’s office.
While a generalist is rarely bored, she also never becomes proficient in one genre or topic – and she rarely builds a platform.
“Today’s successful writers focus their writing in just one or two areas,” says “America’s copywriter,” Bob Bly, in How to Write and Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit.
Bob earned a degree in chemical engineering and after graduation took a technical writing job at Westinghouse Electric – a good fit that led him into freelance copywriting for tech firms. As more writers entered the field, he specialized further in a particular content writing niche: direct mail that sold subscriptions to technical newsletters.
Plenty of freelance writers start out as generalists simply to gain experience and accumulate clips. Yet few jack-of-all-trades writers can survive as a generalist today beyond the beginnings of a writing career. There’s simply too much information to master about multiple topics and genres.
How can you move from generalist to specialist? If you’re struggling, then take a cue from the Old Testament’s Asaph.
Asaph was a worship leader. He headed up the guild of temple musicians during the reigns of David and Solomon and performed at the dedication of Solomon’s temple (2 Chronicles 5:12). Because of that, you don’t see Asaph’s named attached to the Old Testament’s books of history or prophecy. Instead, he specialized: Asaph wrote worship music. Twelve Psalms bear his name.
Asaph used his existing skills to identify his speciality. That’s a great place to start.
Use your existing skills to identify a writing speciality.
Gracious Father,
Thank you for the variety of topics and skills available to me as a writer. I want to be a good steward of the gifts you’ve given me. Show me what subjects and genres to pursue further as I specialize.
In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Southern Belle Rules, a South African take.

Southern Belle Rules, a South African take.


In my latest book, Liberating Hearts my main character is Harriet DeVaughn Davies, a charming Southern Belle who had to learn to stand on her feet after the death of both parents and a husband in jail. It is the follow-up book of Love at War, with a spiritual message.

I am already 34 000 into the book and came to a stop when another character threw a curveball at me. Now I need some legal counsel… 😊

I had to do some research about these women and found actually many similarities with women here in South Africa. As I read, I realized my mum would have been the perfect Southern Belle and many of these values and mannerisms were instilled in me. Which I try to do… really…But I am far from being a Southern Belle. I am just to rough around the edges as my mum used to say. 😊

Photo by Quang Anh Ha Nguyen on

This is what I have learned from the many references I read:

41 Rules of A Southern Bell

You’ll either wish you were a Belle or wish you could marry one.

  1. Pearls go with anything — ANYTHING I must say I agree with this, who doesn’t love a beautiful set of pearls…”😊
  2. We can make sweet tea with our eyes closed, and our hands tied behind our backs. South African Belle’s likes to make ginger beer. We don’t understand the fascination with sweet tea.
  3. NEVER leave the house without being put together. I agree.
  4. Your company is more important than your iPhone.  So, agree with this. Why bother to visit then?
  5. When in doubt, monogram it.  This is not a big thing in South Africa yet, but I like the idea.
  6. Never start a meal without saying grace.  Always be grateful. A South African tradition.
  7. Smiling at strangers is a force of habit.  Mmm, not always… 😊
  8. Curls, curls, and more curls.   I hate curlers, the only way I can get curls in this straight hair. So, a big no to me but mum would have agreed.
  9. Every day is an excuse to dress up. Of course, even in bed, you must look your best.
  10. Speak slowly and in an educated manner. Here I will fall from the bus. My words are to slow for my thought process.
  11. Respect and acknowledge the fact the Scarlett O’Hara was a bad b****. Oh, yes…bad ass lady.
  12. Always Rsvp.  It is the right thing to do.
  13. You can never go wrong with a firm handshake…And a smile. Absolutely, but in SA handshakes are reserved for men, which I don’t understand. I really do not want hugs from every person I meet. But a smile that I can do. I am normally the first to go for the handshake. It works for me.
  14. Saturdays in the fall are reserved for college football.  Since Rugby is our main sport I will watch only when a big match is on. And I don’t wear the jerseys.
  15. Likewise, you plan your entire spring calendar around your favourite baseball team. No… not me as well.
  16. It’s okay to be fashionably late. There is seldom a good excuse except for emergencies but be on time.
  17. Mama raised us not to curse. Oh, mum failed with this one on me. I try to behave when among decent people but riled up… oh my…
  18. Use your inside voice. Out loud?
  19. Sit up straight.  Absolutely
  20. And cross your legs. A lady reveals nothing.  Agree. My undergarments are my business.
  21. Know when it’s appropriate to “Bite your tongue,” and when to give your opinion. Agree. My opinion is not needed.
  22. Attendance for Sunday service is mandatory and goes without question.  Long story short, I don’t attend church.
  23. There’s always an excuse to entertain. A braai solves all problems.
  24. Expect a gentleman to hold your door open for you and pull your chair out for you. Definitely. A man with manners, oh my…
  25. Trust and respect your elders. Without question.
  26. Getting out of a vehicle gracefully is a hidden talent. The first thing any woman should learn and practise.
  27. Know your intelligence, but don’t flaunt it. No question about it. I have learned this the hard way.
  28. ‘Steel Magnolias’ is your southern belle “goals.”  Loved this movie, I love the way they talk, how they address each other. Support each other.
  29. Sip on your lemonade and mind your own business. Truth.
  30. Slow cooking all day long.  I don’t like cooking. Baking, but not cooking.
  31. Take pride in your effortless ability to properly set a table. My mum was an expert in this. Me, put it inside a glass if there is not room, otherwise help yourself. I absolutely love beautiful serviette with any meal.
  32. Pastels are always in fashion.  True that. But I like earthy tones more.
  33. And so is Lilly Pulitzer.  We have Emsie Schoeman and Anne Dreyer.
  34. Never, ever leave the house without your lipstick.      High Five for this one.
  35. Send, ‘Thank You’ notes.  Important but few do it.
  36. And make sure you only use your very best stationary.  I want to invest in a good fountainpen and stationery with my own monogram. Absolutely love this idea.
  37. Take compliments courteously.  A good complement boosts my spirit, and I do this often.
  38. If you can be ready to leave the house in 30 minutes, you need not be going. Yes!!
  39. Fingers and toes should always be painted and well-groomed.    Agreed
  40. Rudeness and ignorance go hand in hand, never be one. No question about it.
  41. Have class, always.  Absolutely.

References: Handbook:

So, what do you think, will I pass as one?

And, if you are one, let me hear your thoughts. I might have missed something.



Hierdie is ’n inisiatief deur NS Liefdesdiens / NS Act of Love – ’n nie-winsgewende platform van NS Kreatiewe Ontwerp. FONDSINSAMELING VIR SLAGOFFERS VAN PLAASAANVALLE.
(English script at the bottom)
NEEM DEEL AAN HIERDIE PROJEK – ondersteun hierdie inisiatief en ons bekendes om fondse in te samel vir slagoffers van plaasmoorde. Jou bydrae sal saam met ons bekendes in hierdie boek gepubliseer word.
TEMA: Kom ons bid saam vir die veiligheid van plaasboere, hulle gesinne en hul werkers. Ons bid vir troos vir slagoffers van plaasmoorde. Kom ons bid vir verandering, bystand, vergifnis, wysheid, goeie leierskap en vir God se genade, asook seën oor die boere en al die mense van ons land. Indien jy sou voel om vir die hele wêreld te bid, kan jy dit ook doen – dit is immers jóú gebed.
Die boere en mense van Suid Afrika sal jou woorde ter harte neem en jou bydrae sál ‘n groot verskil maak in elkeen se lewe.
‘n Inskrywingsfooi van R100 word verlang per inskrywing. Die bankbesonderhede verskyn onder. E-pos jou gebed, gedig of skrywe, saam met jou bewys van betaling na: Jou inskrywing sal in hierdie boek geplaas word, tesame met al ons bekendes se bydraes.
1. Jou inskrywing mag nie 150 woorde oorskry nie.
2. Gedigte moet kort wees.
3. Mag nie rassisties wees of enige persoon of partye benadeel nie.
4. Jou inskrywing moet jou eie oorspronklike skrywe wees. Plagiaat is ‘n kriminele oortreding.
5. Sluitingsdatum is 31 Desember 2020 (aansoek om verlenging van datum kan gestuur word)
6. Enige inskrywings wat na die sluitingsdatum ontvang word, sal in ‘n opvolgboek gepubliseer word.
7. Jou bydrae bly jou besit. Ons beskerm jou kopiereg. Deur jou inskrywing, verleen jy toestemming aan NS Liefdesdiens om jou bydrae te publiseer.
Capitec Bank
Bank Code: 470010
Acc Name: NS Act of love
Acc no: 1736577741
Savings Account
This is an initiative of NS Liefdesdiens / NS Act of Love – a non-profit platform of NS Creative Design. RAISING MONEY FOR VICTIMS OF FARM ATTACKS.
SUPPORT THIS PROJECT – give your support to this initiative and our stars in raising funds for the victims of farm murders. Your contribution will be published along with our famous people in this book.
THEME: Let us pray for the safety of our farmers, their workers, and their families. We pray for comfort for victims of farm murders. Let us pray for change, assistance, forgiveness, wisdom, good leadership, and for God’s mercy and His blessing upon our farmers and the people of our country.
A fee of R100 per contribution is required. See the bank details herewith. Send us your prayer, poem, or writing with your proof of payment to Your writing will be published in this book, along with our famous stars, entertainers, and authors.
1. Your contribution may not exceed 150 words.
2. Poems must be short.
3. May not contain racism or impair any person or party.
4. Your contributions must be your own. Plagiarism is a crime.
5. The closing date is 31 December 2020 (extension can be applied for)
6. Any entries received after this date will be published in a follow-up book.
7. Your contribution – poem or writing, is your one. We will protect your copyright.

Are you busy or productive?

Are you busy or productive?


A throwback article that appeared in The Inflectionist back in 2015.

I had a hectic week. Every night for the last week I came home, did what had to and then went straight to bed, sleeping like a dead person just to wake up tired. I had so many problems that needed my attention—like yesterday—but walked against the proverbial brick wall repeatedly, accomplishing nothing. By the end of the week, I was frustrated, annoyed, tired, and cranky.

Looking back at the week, I came to one conclusion: I was busy but not productive, and that made me feel even worse. It felt I had not only failed the people that were depending on me, but that I failed myself.

Have you ever felt that way?

Let’s look at the word productive. According to the Oxford Dictionary, it means in simple terms doing or achieving a lot; being fruitful.

So many times I had heard people complaining that they were busy and have no time to relax while irritable for work not done.

Does this sound familiar?

I understand that things steal our time, things equally important although not fruitful at the end. In my case, I struggled to get my new (secondhand) car through the roadworthy test. It failed 4 times! Every time I had to watch as they lift the car in the air, removed the left rear wheel and end up with the same results. By Wednesday I was livid…

It seems there’s a technical point about this and I am stuck in between with no understanding what to do.

Although important it did nothing to get the work done. My work piled up and as a new agent still busy to learn with definite duties for each day, my manager was not impressed.

To top that off, I could not get my certification as an agent because the board’s system was offline for three weeks! I cannot work without it, so between the vehicle that failed and me riding up and down between the work and the board, I wasted valuable time. Not to mention the petrol that was wasted. No work was done… period.

Friday, when I heard I still had to wait for my certification for a few days, I left the office; thinking I would strangle someone.

So I did what any sane person would do, I did some work. (Okay, I know what you are thinking: no sane person would do this, but I do.) I drove to my designated area and did some farming.

Being out, walking the streets, taking in the surrounding activities: being part of something, it grounded me once more. It took me about an hour to feel useful again, as if I finally done something and became calmer.

 Just that hour of productiveness changed my attitude, and I went through the rest of Friday in a breeze carrying out more than the entire week of busyness.

 Did it change the problems I faced? Nope. But my approach changed.

Being productive does something to us as human beings; it elevates us to a different playing field where we’re at peace with the world. It centres us, restoring the balance within, and we do it differently, making us restful.

Nothing creates such a powerful emotion as working with intent. No drug, no anti-depressant or any other diversion could give you that high. It does something to your soul, spirit and body and you feel vibrant.

So next time you feel tired and lost after a long day, ask yourself, were you really productive?

Did you do what you set out to do or did it create more chaos?

The tiredness of being busy and the tiredness of doing actual work would be different; the one weighs you down the other gives you that Ah moment when you kick up your feet feeling satisfied with the world around you.

So how was your day?


Dream until you receive God’s assurance.

Dream until you receive God’s assurance.

I am not a person that always says what’s on my mind and seldom what’s on my heart, but I am prompted to do so today. A revelation that lifted my spirit. Maybe someone needs to hear it as well. It will be a long tale but worth reading till the end…
In 2010, I began to write. I wrote to block out my reality at the time. I wrote to block out the empty cupboards, the demanding phone calls of creditors, the tall grass that could not be cut, the fact that my children had to leave home because my ex and I could not provide in their needs any more. I wrote to block out all the anger and pain, the rejection we have experienced from church, the lack of support. standing alone in a very harsh world. I wrote of lost dreams and empty promises.
I wrote 22 books during that time. Only three of those books were published so far. Love at War and Juweel van die Oosgrens will be book #4 and #5. Both started off quite different from its conception. But as I grew the stories grew, changed, and developed where they are now.
At that stage, there was still a we in the equation. After 2014, we became I…one. I was thrown off balance with no understanding or idea of how to move forward. I had no form of financial support, had no income and no earthly possessions.
Then I began to dream. It was a slow process of trusting myself first then others.
(This was a long process and one I will not talk about now. I want to get to the revelation part.) 🙂
At the end of 2019, I was invited to attend an Eksderde camp where Marié van den Berg spoke directly into my life. Infused with God’s knowledge she said, “God has given you a blank page.”
At the time it elevated me, but I didn’t understand. I ran with it like a thirsty beggar but still felt unworthy, not sure where I fit in. I was still off-balance unsure and desperate.
Was God’s promises of yesteryear still effective? Did my current dreams coincide with God’s plan for me? How did it all fit? Were just some of the questions I faced.
Then I met Joe van den Berg a week ago and he said, “Your past is the past, you have a new slate. It will never be again.”
It was like a click within.
It is a clean slate. From this moment forward all promises and dreams is a new beginning.
The revelation part:
At the moment I am reading the Fourth Dimension from Dr Cho where he talks about receiving assurances from God for your dream.
And the second click happened.
Back in 2010, I wrote to forget, I wrote about anything. From spiritual stories to erotic and everything in between. It was my saving grace during a difficult time. It blinded me from reality.
Since 2019, my writing has changed. My fears and anger do not surface within the pages nor my desires or longings of things not meant. It is more focused now.
My dream is to be a New York best-selling author, to own a book and coffee shop and create a safe environment for all creative beings not only writers. (The reason for my group’s recent name change.)
To get back to Dr Cho’s book and to cut an exceptionally long story short, he said to keep on dreaming and talking about it. For others, it might seem foolish or a pipe dream. There are times that I feel neglected and even looked over, but in this book, he encouraged me to keep on dreaming and planning until God gives me the assurance, the red seal, so to speak. God will approve or object, but my work is to continue with it until…
When you step away from a long-time marriage your world tilts dramatically. In this time, God will allow you to make decisions and even allow you to make mistakes while He keeps you safe…looking back I can point you to all the times He provided and protected me from myself and others that meant me harm I am still in awe about it.
The best part of this long tale is that when God gives you a new page, he means it. But he also wants to see how serious you are. By giving you a clean slate, he gives you a second chance. We begin anew all you have to do is keep on dreaming and doing until God gives you the red seal, the assurance.
That dream will propel you forward. It will help you to grow and it will help you to find your feet again. Just hang in. God is in control.
If you are unsure or off-balance due to life’s knocking around push through. Get the dream on paper. See it. Live it until God comes and put a stamp of approval on it. If not, then it still will not be wasted time. Because you have learned new skills. Who knows where it will lead. Trust God when he says he has given you a new page.
Lynelle Clark


Could your asking be wrong?

Could your asking be wrong?

As creative beings, we are constantly looking for new ideas. Our eyes and ears finely tuned to the world around us. Even when our conscious thought does not pick it up, yet our spirit does.
That which we hear only comes to the forefront when we began to ponder, meditate or pray about it. It simmers and stews quietly, staying dormant until the moment we make time to tap into our spirit that it reveals itself.
At times we have the burning desire to create, and all spiritual like we will ask/wait for guidance. At that moment it sounds profound and then you listen. But no revelation or clarity is revealed.
Could it be that you are out of tune or even asked the wrong thing?
As artistic beings, we look deeper. Right into the heart of a tree, or the sky, or even a flower and envision something so beautiful that we want to cry. Well, I know I do.
Then we ask: please supply me with a tree, or flower or mountain to paint or create. And you wait… with no success.
Because you are asking the wrong thing. Why do I say that?
Because … You have the tree. You have a mountain. You have flowers.
Everything is already there.
You don’t have to create it.
The question you should ask is … show me how to create a table from the tree, or carve a statue out of the mountain, use the sand in this art piece… put the wind in a song, write about the sky so that people see what I see …
It is only then that creativity stirs and ideas flood your mind.
Next time, when you are praying or meditating, grab your journal and write what comes up.
Allow the vision to grow and then build with what you have. With what you see and what you hear. Allow your senses the freedom to flow.
Remember to ask correctly.
Be blessed and highly favoured in this week.