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With great confidence, I can recommend Lynelle Clark as a freelance writer, proofreader, editor and project manager. Lynelle worked with me on the book: Traces of Grace. She was the project manager and also did the book’s layout, editing and proofreading. She was the distributor of the book Traces of Grace to the bookstores and currently also sells the book to the public. She does her job with great passion and love. She is honest, trustworthy, thorough and knows her job! She spends more hours on her work than we can reward her. I can proudly say that she is a stalwart and a great asset. With her by your side, you have an open door. She tries everything and stands back for nothing. Lynelle is also a great marketer who teaches herself how to do successful internet marketing. Her own books testify to perseverance, hard work and great success. Any assignment or book in her hands becomes part of her sparkling nature. Lynelle is definitely a woman to be part of any business team. A woman who can make your dream come true in your own book. A woman who will walk a path with you – even if her own is sometimes quite tortuous.
Met groot vrymoedigheid kan ek Lynelle Clark aanbeveel as ‘n vryskut skrywer, proefleser, redigeerder en projek bestuurderes. Lynelle het saam my gewerk aan die boek: Spore van genade. Sy was die projek bestuurderes en het ook die boek se uitleg, redigering en proeflees gedoen. Sy was die verspreider van die boek Spore van genade na die boekwinkels en verkoop tans ook nog die boek aan publiek. Haar werk doen sy met groot passie en liefde. Sy is eerlik, betroubaar, deeglik en ken haar werk! Sy sit meer ure in haar werk as wat sy voor beloon kan word. Met trots kan ek sê dat sy is ‘n staatmaker en ‘n groot aanwins. Met haar aan jou kant het jy ‘n geopende deur. Sy probeer alles en staan terug vir niks. Lynelle is ook ‘n puik bemarker wat haarself leer hoe om suksesvolle internet bemarking te doen. Haar eie boeke getuig van deursettingsvermoë, harde werk en groot sukses. Enige werkstuk of boek in haar hande word deel van haar sprankelende geaardheid. Lynelle is verseker ‘n vrou om deel van enige besigheid se span te hê. ‘n Vrou wat jou droom op jou eie boek waar kan maak. ‘n Vrou wat ‘n pad saam jou sal stap – al is haar eie soms heel kronkelend.
Alta van Zyl

Founder of Hope Ministries, Private

Lynelle Clark undoubtedly has excellent knowledge regarding the interrelatedness of writing books. As a professional author and auditor of her books, she has a unique writing style that is flawless, clear, and easy to understand. Her writing is believable, realistic and authentic, neatly laid out, and academically correct. She is considered a valuable writer with a good work ethic and excellent time management. Lynelle Clark is an active member of many social pages and network platforms, a master in marketing, and an expert with languages. As a popular writer with whom many people interact, she represents herself well and treats potential clients with the utmost respect and proficiency. As a trustworthy and reliable person, I can sincerely recommend her service with confidence.

Nico Schamrel

Owner / Author, Ns Skrywershuis.

I had the pleasure of working with Lynelle Clark for 2 years. I am Anzè Bezuidenhout, owner Of Ink Skryf in Afrikaans. I have 22 years of experience working in communications and public relations. I have worked with Lynelle Clark for 7 Years and can safely say that her problem-solving skills stand out amongst her peers. I remain impressed with her driven work ethic and ability to work creatively under pressure. During the time we worked together, her skills and understanding of our company’s brand and mission helped our team successfully run several PR campaigns. She assisted in the launch of a global campaign that received international media coverage. My first experience with Lynelle Clark’s work ethic came not long after I hired her. Our media team needed additional help to complete an important campaign on time. She worked tirelessly on the campaign before launch, including fact-checking, finalising graphics and liaising with media. These tasks were outside of her normal role, but she accepted the responsibility without hesitation. Besides her impressive work ethic, Lynelle Clark is also a great team member, a natural leader and a humble employee. She has a great attitude and is always willing to help another colleague. I am confident that Lynelle Clark will be a great asset to anyone who requires her services. Not only does she offer creative advertising and communications skills, but she also helps other employees grow and flourish on her team. Please contact me if you need more information or would like to discuss any of her other achievements. You can reach me at 082 648 0284 or by email skryfafrikaans@ink.org.za.

Anze Bezuidenhout

Owner / Author, Ink in Afrikaans

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