This time of year, it’s all about new plans, new resolutions and new perspectives just to find yourself at the end of the year knowing nothing has changed. For most, that’s the case and there is nothing wrong with that.
My journey of self-discovering began in 2014 and I underwent a few changes. Many of those resolutions have remained with me, unbend and on track. For me, it is to continue with what I have started back then. To be my own person and be independent. That certainly has not changed. I’m still working at it.
I received so much support during that time that it’s paramount to give back, too. The reason I do volunteer work with @YouVersion and help aspiring authors to succeed in the groups I am a member of. My role might not be big, and I don’t always have all the answers, but support where needed. The reason I take judging so seriously. It’s not only a work but a privilege to give back.
That remains intact.
I’m finally stepping into my own place, owning it because that’s important to me. Under no circumstance will I allow someone to take it away from me. I have come too far to stop.
As long as we stay steadfast in our goals, the year can begin and end, but we remain loyal to our goals. Resolute in our resolutions to be the best person we can be.
Life has brought many changes, and I have learned to flow with it. It opens doors and gives me the freedom of choice. Things I haven’t had in a very long time. So here is to new year’s resolutions, and all that goes with it.
Be true to you in this year.

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