The freedom to express myself without restraint is a liberty I longed for. It has become a welcomed friend where I can be me without apologising or explaining.

Vryheid van uitdrukking is 'n vryheid waarna ek lank gesmag het. Dit het 'n welkome vriend geword waar ek myself kan wees sonder verduideliking of verskoning.

A journey I would love to share with you through life coaching and freelance services. 
'n Pad wat ek graag saam met jou wil loop.

This website is a collective journey inside the world of creativity, writing, publishing and coaching. Finding the well within to maximize your dreams.

Hierdie webwerf is die kollektiewe pad van kreatiwiteit, skryf, publisering en toepassing deur die hulp van 'n lewensgids te gebruik vir die vervulling van 'n doel om jou drome en ideale te verwesenslik. Om sodoende die kreatiewe fontein te ontdek en te laat vloei sonder hindernis.

What is a collective community?

The name Kreativ Collectiv implies the freedom to be you as you remain in a structured community of like-minded people. As with all things in life, discipline, responsibility and accountability are the fundamentals we live by.

Sharing ideas within this community, we allow ourselves the freedom to explore without limits. To be the person we meant to be. It is the yin and yang of our being. It is the effortless flow while it conforms you to the rules of your trade. I have learned this during my writing career. You have the freedom of story, characters, plot etc but professionals should proofread it. You should follow the guidelines to make it acceptable for the reader.

In this structure, you have the freedom of expression. This expression is connecting with your Source, God, or your Heavenly Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, that you create.

Every word you speak, every action you take, every time you move, shift, do or make something you create. It is a creative entity of self-expression.

About my journey.

Until now, my journey is a road of lessons. My creativity challenged, support and finances limited. It is only in the last couple of years that things changed in some areas. Minor changes which lifted my spirit and encouraged me to continue. I had to connect with my Heavenly Father once again which enabled me to learn and grow with ease. And, in 2020 year, everything came together.

2020 has been a year of learning, expanding my skills and honing my craft. Amid the worldwide pandemic, I have excelled. So, 2020 was a good year.

It has taught me to be resilient in my path. I have tapped into my Source and found my own well, allowing the river to flow with ease. 

I want to extend my hand to you, who are also on this journey. Maybe you are in a place of confusion and lack. Maybe you find yourself at a loss with no goals or dreams. It is possible to dream again. To believe in God and take His hand. 

What now?

You have found my space not by accident. I believe that you discovered this page looking for some sense in an overwhelming world of clutter, for understanding and like-minded people who share your passion. And, let’s be honest, respect and recognition.

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Welcome to your journey.

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