As a young kid, I discovered many books on the shelves of family members’ homes, and later at the school and municipal library that I devoured quickly.

The very first book I can truly remember was about Hiroshima and I was hooked. When I discovered Konsalik, a German author, I knew I wanted to be an author as well. I explored the world through its many pages, discovering exciting ideas and beautiful places within these stories.

Reading fuelled the desire to accomplish more, to reach for the unthinkable and dare. That is the same characteristics I portray in my book characters. They must think creatively, be free to explore, overcome their fears and take the leap of love. We all need love and romance in our lives, correct. 

Books are the backbone of our society. Through the ink, we leave footprints behind in a book: a legacy for those with the same tenacity to dream and learn. It empowers us to get out of our comfort zone and be the person I meant to be. 

Over the last couple of years – since 2010, I have authored several books (15) and four are self-published and available in Kindle and paperback. It was only in 2018 that I could hold a printed book in my hand. A feeling which still surpasses anything else. 

Who is Lynelle Clark?

She is an accomplished self-published author and was a financial manager with a diverse range of professional experience in various industries, Lynelle Clark has consistently showed the passion, vision, dedication, and diligence necessary to be considered among the elite. Employing her exceptional creative abilities and proficiency with the written word and her extraordinary work ethic, Lynelle is a self-employed author who published her first book in August 2012, titled A Pirate’s Wife. 

Currently, Lynelle is working on more romantic, futuristic, and inspirational books. Love at War is in the last stages and will be sent to a publisher. It will be her very first book to undergo the traditional route. All her books are to bring readers on adventurous journeys of the heart, mind, and soul.

Lynelle, who still considers herself learning on the job is in an endless quest for improvement. She has a blog, Inspire to Read, promoting authors’ work, by marketing and reviewing.

In 2015 she joined The Inflectionist team, a London-based magazine, and they published her first article on April 25, 2015. These articles are available on her LinkedIn page.

In 2016 she wrote in her native tongue: motivational pieces and short stories reaching out to her own people. One of her short stories, Salt and Pepper: A love story, has been accepted for a South African collection of short stories and is published in SA Skrywers Kontreibundel. 

She presented a radio program, Diamant Divas, where she had talked to divorced women in a weekly program on Elan Global Radio; an internet streaming radio station.

She is still growing and exploring the different areas of writing, developing as an author, a mentor, and a woman. Because of her ever-growing knowledge, she has started with a freelance service creating journals and books to help others. It is her way to pay it forward and has also started with Kreativ Collectiv Community, a Facebook group that will have workshops regularly for aspiring authors. Since authors struggle with many fears, anxiety and have many questions her aim is to help them to create effortlessly while coaching them to be better in all they can be.

She was also part of a charity project, Spore van Genade, which was released in September 2019, to help those less fortunate, in distress, abusive relationships, women, and children. We all have something to give, and Lynelle gives it through her writing and help.

Books from the author

A Pirate’s Wife Released September 5, 2012.

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Bella’s Choice was released on August 4, 2014.
Two roads. One choice


Blood Mines released in January 2018.


GedagteKringe, ‘n Afrikaanse Bundel was released in February 2019.



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