Week 7: Your code of conduct.

Week 7: Your code of conduct.

Scripture: 1 Cor 13


How do your relationships look like?

How do your immediate circumstances look like?

Working as an estate agent, I had a code of conduct to adhere to. The Estate Agency Board’s codes mixed with the agency I signed a contract with. We read it thoroughly and signed this lengthy document with some hesitation. As humans, we are prone to mistakes. And to sign this where no excuses were tolerated was a big step. Penalties were a given if you stepped out of line. These rules stated with exact discipline how you should interact with clients.

In life we also have a code of conduct manual; the Bible. It is our daily guide to be the most effective human being. Listening to a book the other day it was pointed out again that our conduct is the result of our world and how it looks like.

If you are irritable and grumpy all the time your world reflects and attracts negatively. Especially in your relationships, it is more noticeable. If you walk around with a smile on your face, no matter the circumstances you experience, your relationships are healthy.

If you want a different outcome in your life, change your conduct. It will change your relationships, your circumstances and your choices. You will not act from a place of irritability but love. Your conduct should be beyond approach.


Father, help me detect the moments of irritability in my day and change them to Your conduct. Your Son was the perfect example when walking on the earth. Even when he was betrayed, He walked in Love. Though His circumstances were severe, He showed love and forgave. Holy Spirit, help me with everything I say and do. I make a conscious decision to not walk in intolerance, impatience, be irritable but with patients, tolerance and love. Fill me with Your Peace so that I can show it in my life and can become the magnet of goodness and love and be a blessing to others.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Worthy to be Loved
Week 6: Ineffective and unproductiveness kills self-confidence.

Week 6: Ineffective and unproductiveness kills self-confidence.

Scripture: 2 Peter 1:5-9


Life is a constant walk. A growth process that enables us to do our work. For this walk, you can add positive or negative information that gives you the composure for everyday living. Much of our self-confidence is built by how we see ourselves.

When we see ourselves through God’s eyes, we are confident, doing what is right with dignity and grace in every area. When we lose our focus, we are fearful and uncertain, stripped from all assurances, and we are an open target for the enemy to do his work in and through us.

According to the scripture in 2 Peter 1 from verse 5, make every effort to add to your faith. An impressive list that begins with goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness and love. The one builds the other. It cannot operate alone. To be truly self-confident, these qualities should be visible in your life.

If not, then you should try to add it as the scripture states. God will not come with a magic wand and do it. No, He expects you to do so.

It is a conscious thought to add daily and walk in confidence. It sets you apart as God intended. When we add, we become love. We become grace and are an arm and mouthpiece for the Father. A true witness to His Name.


Father, your Word gives us the tools to walk confidently into this world. Help me set my fears and worries aside so that I can replace them with your attributes. Let goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness and love be clear in my daily walk.

Your word teaches me I am can overcome all things, help my feeble mind to be strong and tap into your resources. Thank you for equipping me to be the person you have called. To truly walk in love as shown by your Son, Christ Jesus.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Worthy to be Loved



A giving lifestyle is the way of God.

“The Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea are made of the same water. It flows down, clear and cool, from the heights of Hermon and the roots of the cedars of Lebanon. The Sea of Galilee makes beauty of it, for the Sea of Galilee has an outlet. It gets to give. It gathers in its riches that it may pour them out again to fertilize the Jordan plain. But the Dead Sea with the same water makes horror. For the Dead Sea has no outlet. It gets to keep.”

-Henry Emerson Fosdick-

In a brilliant analogy, Henry Emerson Fosdick paints a spectacular portrait of the effects of giving, or being generous, as opposed to the effects of taking only for yourself or being greedy. Jesus Christ, Himself said that it is better to give than to receive, as today’s Bible verse shows.

A giving lifestyle is the way of God. He gave His only begotten Son so that we may receive eternal life! (John 3:16) We should strive to live by that same tendency to give in every area of our lives.

It can definitely be hard work, but it most certainly pays off!

So, for today, let us shed the light of God upon a cold and calloused world. Let us give warmth to the cold, food to the hungry, and direction to the lost. Let us provide instruction to those who are ignorant yet willing to learn, and provisions to those who cannot take care of themselves. Let us be a living witness to the prosperity that comes from living a productive life of hard work and good character. Let us be servants of all, and masters of none. Let us give life so that true abundance, peace, and prosperity may be received by all.

Pictures from YouVersion

Taken from: A Book of Remembrance: Wisdom from the ages. Devotional on YouVersion 

Week 5: You’re saved by the resurrection of Christ.

Week 5: You’re saved by the resurrection of Christ.

Scripture: 1 Peter 3:21


“and this water symbolises baptism that now saves you also not the removal of dirt from the body but the pledge of a good conscience towards God. It saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

Jesus allowed the government of the day to capture Him, and by the conviction of the Jewish leaders, to be crucified. This was a horrible death, but He did it for your resurrection.

There is no place in your life to be selfish about it. You didn’t deserve it, and you didn’t earn it. It was only because of a Son’s commitment to His Father’s decree that you are saved.

His death and your baptism into His death assured your deliverance and resurrection. Meaning you are supposed to be dead. There is no place for an unholy trinity in you.

Because of Father’s grace, you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a Holy Nation belonging to God. That must make you humble enough to know there are no we in this calculation.

If that is the case, repent and accept His grace and resurrection as a real entity in your life and live as a chosen people, not in selfish bedevilment. But as a resurrected person filled with grace and mercy.


Father, Your Son has given me resurrection life through my baptism. I have been cleansed and made whole therefore help me be worthy of that act.

I repent of my selfish ways.

I repent of the unholy trinity living in me and wish to walk in mercy than selfish error.

Fill me with your Trinity in Jesus Name.

Show me how to live as a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to you.

Be my light in the darkness. From this day forward I declare your Sovereignty in my life, my thoughts and my actions.

In Jesus Name, Amen.



The footstool world.

The footstool world.

The Footstool World  

“‘Heaven is My throne,’ God said, ‘and the earth is My footstool.’ What do you think it means?” asked the teacher.

“The earth is the place where God puts His feet?”

“That’s exactly right. Heaven is His throne and where He rests His weight. And the word for weight in Hebrew is kavodeKavode also means glory. Heaven is the place in which rests God’s weight and glory.”

“And the earth?”

“He rests His feet on it. It bears the imprint of His feet, but never His full weight. And what does that reveal?”


“You live in a footstool world. The earth is just a footstool. It isn’t the place in which you can rest all your weight or your well-being. Its possessions are only footstool possessions. Its issues are only footstool issues. Its problems are only footstool problems. You don’t sit on a footstool; you just place your feet on top of it… on top of its problems, on top of its issues, on top of its glories. You rest your feet on it… lightly.”

“Then where do you rest your weight?”

“In the heavenlies,” he said. “But that’s another mystery.”

The Mission: Today, see the world and everything in it in a fresh way, as the footstool world, with only footstool issues, and live accordingly.

The Book of Mysteries: Your journey to saving faith – YouVersion.

You are set apart for God.

You are set apart for God.

Scripture: 1 Peter 3:15

“But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord.”

Last night I had the privilege to sit in God’s presence. It was a divine appointment with ABBA, one long overdue for me, and I sensed Him in every detail. I devoted the entire evening thanking God for His wonderous work. We worshiped Him and gave Him honour through prayer, singing and corporate agreement. It was a refreshing and holy time that filled me with awe once again.

To be set apart is a wonderous feeling. It is a knowing that you belong, that you are loved, cared for, appreciated, and blessed. God’s love is tangible and gentle, like a soft breeze against your face, or a consuming fire, or the gentle stirring of His voice within.

In all manifestations you know He is with you, busy working His plan for you. When you submit to Him, His touch is gentle, filled with love. When you need to grow, He would gently encourage you to repent or lay down any obstacle that hinders your growth. Even in chastisement, He is tender and loving. What a wonder He is.

Like a Father, He is always there. Even when we leave him, He stays put and waits for our return.

Do you know how wonderful God is, then look in the mirror. God set you apart. You are His best. Never forget that truth. Make it yours and live it.


Father, You are all knowing and wonderous. Great is your mercy and everlasting love. Through your love you have set me apart in Christ. You lead the way and gladly I will follow you in this separation.

I thank you for Your lovingkindness. Open my eyes and my ears to see You in all things. Touch me O Lord, and allow me to know You.

You are wonderful in all things, and I thank you for your Love.

In Jesus Name, Amen.


Worthy to be Loved


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