Week 12: Reveal your purpose in life and find peace

Week 12: Reveal your purpose in life and find peace

Scripture: Dan 2:30,

“But as for me, this mystery has not been revealed to me for any wisdom residing in me more than in any other living man, but for the purpose of making the interpretation known to the king, and that you may understand the thoughts of your mind.


Eagerly search for God’s plan for your life. In so doing, you will reach the target or grasp your goal for being on the earth. Once you know your purpose, it cloaked you with assured confidence. Therefore, walking in sound wisdom, ordained purpose, and Godly understanding; you will be overcome. The one who comprehends God’s mysteries. God’s word is adequately filled with revelation scriptures, revealing His necessary truths to you. Making every effort to discover it. Your divine destiny is in your capable hands. Knock at the door, by praying, interceding, and asking until you have received your purpose-filled answers. Receiving your purpose will promote you into a fruitful life. Looking keenly at the things you are performing from day to day; is the only way to distinguish it. Those which come naturally. It influences people around you. Open your heart to His mysteries, and lasting peace will reign in your heart.


Like Daniel, I pray for revelation, Father. I want to walk a purpose-filled life, directed by You. Reveal to me the truth about my life. I receive Your understanding and revelation. Father, I open my eyes to see. I remove the blinds that hindered and blocked me so far so that I can see clearly. Father, to live a life of purpose is my goal. I will not be satisfied with anything less. Therefore, I set my mind on your word, reveal its truths to me. Give me the insight through the Holy Spirit to walk this life with determination. Anoint me to be a true vessel.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

How do you see yourself as a writer?

How do you see yourself as a writer?


Writing is my voice. It talks for me when words fail me. I can order my words and give them a platform. When I talk, words tend to come out muddled and my thought is not clear. This has caused many misunderstandings and fights that I rather refrain from talking about.

A writer’s role is to draft a story in such a way that people would like to read it and would leave an impression on them. Or they are left with a nugget of wisdom to better themselves.

If you write fictitious or non-fictitious, it reveals your heart, your passions, interests and so much more. Ultimately, we write what we know.

I see my writing as more than just entertainment. I see it as a platform to reveal the Father’s heart in a realistic, believable way that readers can relate to. At times I would address a certain topic I have struggled with, like unforgiveness. Then there are times that I would tackle a difficult topic like gender violence or environmental issues.

It is my way to give something back from what I have learned and to instill a certain truth by way of creating a plotline full of drama and suspense.

As a writer, I find that I learn and read more about life skills, or life coaching, to get to the heart of the character. The entertaining part, or to dress the characters like Barbie dolls, is not as important to me as to tell their story.

I like to know:

Why they are who they are?

What has brought them to this place?

How will they get out of this problem?

How do you see yourself as a writer? What role do you have? Are you the voice?

Week 11: Trust—It can beautiful or destroyed

Week 11: Trust—It can beautiful or destroyed

Scripture: Jer 9:4


“Everyone has to be on guard against his friend. Don’t trust any brother, for every brother will certainly deceive, and every friend spread slander.”

Trust is a topic we are all familiar with. Eventually, you will learn about it the hard way. There is nothing so painful as broken trust. It cuts deeper than a knife and the effects thereof is felt long after it has happened.

The Bible warns us to be on guard and not to trust any person, even against your own blood. That betrayal can leave you devastated and break a bond forever.

We put a high price on trust, and it is a good thing. When trust is broken nothing can really heal it again. If you find yourself in a situation in that place where your trust is broken, it is better to walk away. Don’t act in sin or wrath, guard your own heart. Your heart is the most expensive organ you have and more valuable than deceit or friendship, even loyalty. Don’t give it away. Be on your guard. Be clever.


Father, I pray for wisdom today. Father, you know my worries and concerns regarding the situation I face today. Reveal to me the truth so that no deceit will wound me or leave me scared. Father, I don’t want to be foolish. Give me insight and wisdom to do the right thing. Speak through your word the right way to walk and strengthen me.

Everything within me says to be careful, be on the guard. I need your applied wisdom. Help me hold my tongue and act in love. Open my eyes to see the truth and remove any obstacle that wants to hinder me. Your truth will set me free.

I come against any deceit and lies; it has no hold over me. I declare open heaven in my mind, heart, and tongue.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Worthy to be loved

An Inspirational Christian Book for Daily Comfort



What an author expects from a reviewer

What an author expects from a reviewer

Remember, your input helps us grow. It gives us a better understanding of the reader’s perception. And boost the sales
📌 Read the book or at least 40% of the book to understand and have a feel for the plot. We know you are super busy and don’t expect you to read the entire book. Unless, of course, it fully involved you and you must finish it. 🤓
📌 We don’t want to read the synopsis in a review. You may use a line or two but not the entire thing. We are interested in your thoughts. 🤓
📌 If you can’t leave a review because of a certain reason with the book, let them know. We don’t see the world the same. Be honest and professional.
📌 What do you take from the story?
📌 Is it interesting?
📌 Did you like any of the characters?
📌 What about the flow – fast pace, too slow, skipping important detail… We like to know for future reference.
📌 If you are not willing to review it because of errors – we are human, then tell us personally. Don’t leave a snarly review or attack the author’s person. Keep it professional. Those words kill our creative writing.
📌 A reviewer is not a beta reader or proofreader. An author paid already for that service. See the copyright page. Read the story. That is what we asked you to do.
📌 Paid service: (I am not a fan of this.) When you expect us to pay you, we expect a professional service. If you can’t, don’t give yourself out as one.
1)Be consistent.
2)Schedule a date.
3)If you say you are publishing it on certain platforms, do it.
4) Forward the links to the author.
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Week 10: Ordained steps

Week 10: Ordained steps

Scripture: Rom 8:21
An All-Knowing God ordains each step you take. Even the steps that take the wrong direction are designed to bring you closer to His purpose and love. Each step teaches you something else; about yourself and God’s grace. It is a day-by-day growth that strengthens you.
Though God cautions us not to sin, our sins shape us. When we change direction, it is for the better. Nothing is a waste. It might take longer but we will still get there.
With this said I don’t mean wilful or spiteful sins. I mean those sins you do without realizing it was actually a sin or you do unintentionally.
The wilful ones, the ones we think are the best in a moment of weakness, need to be repented of. Once we have turned away from that sin, God uses those lessons to elevate us to the next steppingstone. Nothing is a waste with Him.
In this, we know God is always with us, that His love is ever-present.
Today I repent of my wilful sins, those things that no man knows. (Name them) The sins I hide behind closed doors. Father, I repent of them. I make a willful decision to walk in your wisdom. To live the plan, You have ordained long before I was born. Today I make a choice to walk in your footsteps. No matter the excuses I make, no matter the circumstances; Father, I declare victory over my mind to obey your decrees and laws. Keep my eyes from not seeing the sinful things, but focus on the good. Close my mind to the distractions that try to hinder my walk.
I declare I am an overcomer by the blood of Jesus making the correct choices for my life in every step. Sin has no hold over me. I cloak myself with your armor – head to toe.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

Week 9: Determined faith

Week 9: Determined faith

Our daily struggles walk into a brick wall every time our attitude turns sour. The moment we face an illness, job loss, or any other difficulty, our attitude changes. Instead of gladness, we are bitter. We need a good dose of honey to quicken our spirits. To be positive amid negative things happening in our lives gives us freedom. If we are negative, it hinders our breakthrough.

It is a daily choice; to proclaim victory. To proclaim success in the face of an adversary, I can, and I shall take guts and determination. To be positive creates a physical well-being state that transcends to every area of your life. Like honey, it saturates your entire life and touches those close to you.

Your determination opens doors, creating a new world that you have not seen before.

Make a deliberate decision to change your thinking. Walk-in determined faith and take hold of your victory.


Father, today I make a choice to walk with a positive attitude: to be truly happy, no matter the circumstances. Father, I declare victory over my mind, my mouth, and my actions, and walk into my destiny. Father, quench my thirst with your honey and set my feet on a rock.

Father, I proclaim I am an overcomer, because of what Jesus did on the cross. His death gave me the strength to walk in freedom. I thank you for strengthening my heart, mind, and body. Remove all doubts from my mind. Wash me with your Word and open the floodgates of Heaven onto me.

All doubts I place before you because you know the best. I submit myself to you, knowing you care for me. Therefore, I commit every word to be in accordance with your own.

In Jesus Name, Amen.


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