Psalms 42. A Touching Word.

This morning I was reading the scripture and was so invigorated with the words of life that I want to share it.

God always begins in the inner man, and once we follow His promptings, the outer life changes. So, this scripture was such an uplifting and conformational blessing to me. I like to share it here.

Normally, I am a very private person regarding these things, but in it I think the Father allows me to be more forward and share my path.


Become Enlightened

We’ve covered a few wise steps to take to become women who move when God moves. We are aware of our words, we are responding instead of reacting, we’re activating NOW faith, and we’re even coming to God so that He can give us rest. For the remaining three days of our study, we’re going to cover the benefits of the SHIFT. Today, let’s discuss how the SHIFT enlightens you.

In the Bible, one excellent person to observe who experienced enlightenment because of a shift is Moses. Moses was watching sheep in the wilderness when an angel appeared in a burning bush. Moses went to investigate when he heard God calling him by name. When he arrived at the bush, God told Moses who He was, and Moses hid his face.

Over the years, God worked with Moses, shifting him into his purpose. Then, this happens a few chapters later, in Exodus 34:29: “When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the covenant law in his hands, he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord.”

Before the SHIFT, Moses hid his face in God’s presence and tried to commune with God in the darkness. After the SHIFT, Moses stood boldly in God’s presence, and his face was radiant. He was no longer hiding his face. Moses was able to commune with God in the light—God’s supernatural light—and be blessed.

There are two important realizations here:

  • Even when you don’t realize it, God is watching you: God lit the bush on fire because he knew Moses would see it—He was looking at Moses before Moses even knew he was being watched. God is always watching over you; you are never alone.
  • The external always reflects what’s happening internally: When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, he wasn’t even aware that GOD’S LIGHT was being reflected in how he showed up. God’s light, the internal, was being reflected on Moses’ face, the external. Moses’s internal shift in God’s presence resulted in something external that nobody could miss.

I love the Bible because Moses didn’t even know that people were seeing an outward change that was reflective of an inward SHIFT. You may have been looking for an outward change—you’ve been waiting for a car, a home, better health, a husband, a job, and all the while God has been conducting an inward shift in your heart, your mind, and in your words. It’s going to create results that nobody can miss in your life!

It's going to happen suddenly! All of a sudden, you look different. All of a sudden, you speak differently. All of a sudden, you move differently. All of a sudden, you’ll have this glow. Everything on the outside becomes enlightened because of the SHIFT that has happened on the inside.

Today’s Affirmation:

The better way is now my norm. What used to be my ceiling is now my floor. My face is radiant because of my time with God. He is the source of my radiance. He is my contentment. He is my full joy. He has gifted me with wisdom and enlightenment. As I stand in God’s presence, waves of refreshing peace wash over me. I feel His love. I am radiating in His presence. I am satisfied.

Question of the Day:

Where is God creating an internal shift in you?

Excerpt from The Shift: Becoming a Woman who moves when God moves by Erin Marie Waller, MBA. Day 8 of the bible plan.

Our Trip to Namibia 2021

Our Trip to Namibia 2021

For the last couple of days, I am updating my website and realized that I never posted about our trip to Namibia at the end of last year.

This place really left a lasting memory in my mind and I would neglect to share it with my readers.

It was my uncle's 90th birthday, and we had a huge family celebration on my niece's farm at Witvlei, Namibia. We traveled through Botswana and came back via Upington to watch the amazing waterfalls of Augrabies.

We haven't seen the family in 20 years, so there were lots of catching up to do. Especially my father and uncle had a lot of special moments during the ten-day visit.

We had so much fun out on the farm and time passed to quickly. Hopefully, we can return soon to enjoy more of this beautiful country and its people.

Because of the number of photos I took, it's not possible to upload all but hopefully this will give you a good idea of our experiences. Next time I would like to stay longer in Botswana and in Namibia to really take in the country and what they offer.

In Life, you learn to Live with Criticism.

In Life, you learn to Live with Criticism.

Taking Small Bites in 2022

Taking Small Bites in 2022

Looking back at the year before, and perhaps even the year before that, challenges have come and gone. Manifesting themselves as small incidents, insignificant at first, and then astronomical as time passes. These incidents shape and mould us and at times the result is irreversible. An old saying goes— ‘it’s not about how you fall, but about how you rise’. For many of us, and truthfully, many South-Africans, this could not have been more accurate, had it been a correct mathematical answer.

But while challenges and hard times do come and go, one thing that’s cemented its foundation in me was to take small bites of any large task, or challenge. One small step will lead to another, will lead to another. This year I hope that you will take each day, an hour at a time and a minute at a time and focus, not on the end result of the mammoth task, but on the end result of the small bite that you’ve chosen to take.

With small steps, small bites and small tasks, mountains are climbed, and goals are reached. Whether your goal is to make that sale, lose that weight or paint that wall that’s been bugging you for ages. Everything we do, comes in mini bites, or very small steps—the mountain will follow naturally.

God allows us small steps and gives us the strength to overcome those small bites, to climb the large mountains day by day, minute by minute.

Each novel I write, or book I publish tells a story of real life and creates a scenario that could happen to you, as easily as it could happen to me, it’s all about the rise, not the fall. Nothing speaks quite as loudly as an inspirational story. Visit my store - there will be a book, a character or a storyline that speaks to you, calls to you from afar, urging you to take a peek.

Love at War features on this month’s website www.bookshelf.com and it tells a tale that encapsulates the very real trauma of infidelity, abortion, and abuse. While these topics are hard on the mind, the story is inspiring, heartfelt, and easy read and one that will leave you astonished.

Coming soon, I have a contemporary romance - Seisoene vir Liefde, but I’ll keep it a secret for now—patience is a virtue and, in this case, one that will pay off. The book will be published by Ns. Skrywershuis Publishing House and promises to leave your heat aflutter and keep you wondering.

Lose yourself in stories that could make a change in your life or teach a lesson you mercifully don’t have to learn in real life. A wise man said, ‘if you listen, you learn, if you speak, you’re simply repeating things you already know’.

Lose yourself this year in stories that may simply bring you joy and entertainment, or stories that make a difference in who you are, and which paths you choose to take.

Walk Gracefully the path you’ve been awarded and remember, each day is in fact a gift—savour it.


Yours in grace

Lynelle Clark


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