Do you need a Business plan as an artist?

Do you need a Business plan as an artist?

The purpose of the architect is to produce a design that has considered the weight, the pressure, the strength, the environment, and other usage factors that would lead to a successful structure. If you plan it right with a pencil, you can build it right with steel. Pencils are easier to correct than welding!

T. D. Jakes

I was reading TD Jakes book Soar and really like the way he has defined a business plan. He calls it a Flight plan – fitting for the subject of the book and one I can recommend.
Even as artists, we have to think of the practicality of our craft. It is not all design, write and craft. It involves planning at a certain stage. This will help to clear the clutter and give you a good footing to stand on. Confidence is in knowing what to do, what plans to make, questions to ask, etc.
Let me know if you find it helpful.

What questions to ask in a business plan?


  • What are you selling?
  • What problem are you solving?
  • What’s your mission and motivation?
  • What makes your business unique?
  • What’s your destination?
  • What will success look like for your business?


  • Who needs what you want to offer?
  • Who’s your ideal customer?
  • Who else could use your product or service?
  • Who will be on your support team?
  • Who are the other professionals you need to consult or hire for their expertise? Lawyers? Accountants? Consultants? Others?
  • Who might want to invest in your business?


  • Why do people need your product or service?
  • Why should they buy it from you instead of from one of your competitors?
  • Why will they return to your business and refer others to you?
  • Why will you succeed where other, similar businesses have failed?


  • How will you operate?
  • How will you handle production, distribution, delivery, etc.?
  • How much money do you need to get started?
  • How will you raise this capital?
  • How will you market and promote your business?
  • How will you manage cash flow?

Many businesses have seasonal cycles, times that are more profitable, and times when operating and production costs are higher or lower. Identifying these cycles ahead of time will save you countless headaches, not to mention all kinds of sleepless nights! And perhaps more importantly, how will your business be able to compete in this market and who are the major players you’re up against? Who’s the Goliath you’re up against? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors? Why is your business going to compete with these opponents? While it’s tempting to think your product, service, or business is the first of its kind, most for-profit entities have some competition—if not from a similar product or service, then from something or someone pulling potential customers’ attention and assets away from you.


  • Where is your airspace, the ideal atmosphere where your business will succeed?
  • Where will your business be located physically?
  • Where will potential customers learn about what you’re offering?
  • Where do you want your business to be three years from now?


  • When will you start your business?
  • What specific season and date make sense?
  • When will you know your venture is a success?
  • When you serve a certain number of customers? Make a certain percentage margin of profit? Reach sales of a certain number or range?
  • When will you need to rescale your business? Hire more employees? Move to a larger location?
  • When will you consider selling your business?

If you choose one of these more creative expressions for your business plan, here are the major categories you should address:

  • an overview of your mission (often called an executive summary);
  • a description of atmospheric conditions in the airspace where you hope to fly, the state of business currently in your chosen sector; market analysis and competitive strategies;
  • operational logistics;
  • financials;
  • and your destination, the way you will know you’ve met certain goals or metrics.

Jakes, T. D. Soar! Build Your Vision from the Ground Up

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Be true to yourself.

This is an article that was written at the end of 2016. I just went through a painful time, just realized that depth of deception lost my work after some disagreement with the employer, and scammed by a heartless person who serves a three-year sentence at the moment. It was a time of learning and getting some backbone and ate the humility apple.

The good that came from that was that my path crossed with God, the Father again and received the healing I desperately needed. This is quite fitting with where I am.

Be true to yourself.

The last couple of months were the most exciting but also hurtful time I had in a long time, silent in my writing, my life had undergone a few twists and turns; each opportunity a learning curve where I discovered so much of myself.

As a woman, walking this path alone, I realized my vulnerability and how people would use me, sometimes even with my permission. For a long time, I lived in a very safe cocoon, allowing others to think for me. Ever since I made the bold step to stand on my own, taking responsibility for myself, I understood that circumstances, and the people or culture I lived in shaped my life. In short, I wasn’t street smart, and I had to learn how to fit in or be devoured.

My point of view.

In this haven, I perceived people in black and white with little or no grace towards them. Now those unyielding glasses had fallen away and my awareness of life is more colourful; making room not only for my own mistakes but those I’ve met. Life isn’t rigid or set-in-stone, but a kaleidoscope of laughter and passion, where I discover new opportunities at every corner—venturing out in the unknown to find incredible prospects and beautiful things along the way. I’m amazed at my boldness walking into places I would not have dreamed to do previously and in the process made friends: my pioneer spirit basking in the new person emerging from the cocoon.

In my vulnerability I learned to trust my gut; I made mistakes when I disobeyed that little voice, who diligently watched over me. While doing this, I learned to have fun laughing more than I did in a long time. I learned that it’s okay to mess up—no longer do I chastise myself in doing so—and ate some humble pie, but it taught me valuable skills that served me in my daily life and work environment. I work with people every day and I experience the good, the bad and the ugly all in one week.

As human beings, we have different perceptions but when finely tuned in—trying—the ugly turns out beautiful, the bad good and the good sometimes bad. Life is a fine balance between them all.

Love life’s challenges. 

My love life has its own challenges. When two people meet, two worlds have to come together effortlessly (in my mind in any case). To adjust myself and find meaning and what I really want from life, incorporating another human being into it without forgetting who I am, is a mission. For now, being part of someone’s life has taken a back seat.

In a second chance relationship, more work goes into it, but it took a broken relationship to understand the full extent of it. When we met, I thought this is it, the man I will spend my old age with and I prepared myself to fit in his life but after a while, I realized it would take time, effort and if both parties don’t work at it every attempt would be fruitless. When it ended, it left me purposeless and empty, and I knew I would obliterate myself from the love scene completely. I feel the emptiness settling in me wondering if I would ever allow myself to love again. Although saddened, I realize that I need this time to get to terms with it all and discover my purpose.

My passionate side.

I never appreciated my passionate side, hiding it from everyone including myself, but on this new journey, I got to discern the intensity which I feel with and know not everyone would appreciate it. Although I embrace my passionate side, it makes me vulnerable to life and relationships creating its own challenges and I’ve learned more about myself letting go of old or even wrong thought patterns finding the balance during this and adapt in a way so I won’t get lost again.

Another learning curve.

With all this said, I simply want to leave you with the thought: Don’t be afraid to live, to dream, to love and yes, even to make mistakes.

To be true to ourselves takes determination and courage and lonely moments, unsure about the choices or even the next step but looking at the bigger picture we learn to know our own strengths discovering a world that would accept us for who we are.

But mostly to accept ourselves.

Be true to you.


Follow your bliss for the new year

A prosperous 2021 to every creative person. May your dreams come true in this year.

To Follow your bliss means to live your passion.

Asking the correct questions will help you find your feet.

Creativity is not only a child’s favourite playtime, but it can be yours as well. If you love to arrange flowers, or decorate a cake, or write journals. Maybe you are drawing sketches with the hope to be discovered.

But if you do not find nor make the time to explore your creativity will wait and you will become frustrated. That is no way to live.

As we know, not all dreams happen automatically. You need a goal and a purpose to move forward. Here are some questions to help you on your quest and goal for this year.

If you have questions afterwards or require a life coach, contact me. Visit the resource page for more resources.

Ask clarifying questions

1. When am I at my best/worst as a parent/employer/employee/spouse/artist, etc.?
2. Where do my natural talents lie?
3. What’s important to me in my work/home life?
4. What energies me, and what makes me feel apathetic?
5. What is my passion?
6. Who inspires me in my work, relationships, etc.?
7. Which role models can I emulate?
8. What values guide my work/my studies/my relationships?
9. Are there core values or principles I am not prepared to violate (these can include charters that you join)?
10. How do these values relate to my day-to-day life?
11. What mistakes have I made in my life so far, and how I can avoid repeating them?

Collins, Bryan. The Power of Creativity (Book 1): Learning How to Build Lasting Habits, Face Your Fears and Change Your Life Become a Writer Today. Kindle Edition.

Write your story

Write your story

Thousands of years ago, the art and science of making an impact were carried on the back of Story. It was the method of broadcasting breakthroughs for the generations to come. It was an instrument and an illustration that could be shared with all of humanity. Story changed things. Story started things.

But then it happened…

Something terrible happened to our most influential tool. I cannot pinpoint where or when, but somewhere in the moments of history in between then and now, there was an influence that came on the scene that caused us to believe that our Story didn’t matter anymore. We began to believe that only some have the right, or the privilege, or the authority to share. What’s even more detrimental is that we believed that no one would listen even if we tried.
This infiltrating influence came like an epidemic, creeping in quietly and now rules as it wishes. It steals, it kills, and it destroys. What is this worldwide epidemic?

It is known as Story Suicide.

Sometime after Story Suicide came on the scene, there was a man who found himself in a winepress, a place he had run to hide in a time of great personal and national crisis.
He was threshing wheat in a winepress. Did you know that to effectively thresh wheat you need a cross-breeze? But there was no breeze to be found in the hole where he was hiding on that day. At the moment, he did not care about effectiveness, because he was so riddled by his fear that he could not see where he was (in the winepress) was not where he was meant to be.

Gideon’s story.

In Judges chapter 6, we find a man named Gideon. His Story is well known today, but on, that day, all he wanted was to live to see tomorrow. He could not and would not consider himself a worthy subject of any story told. So God sent Himself in the form of an angel to interrupt. Even more so, God called out something that Gideon couldn’t see.

God called out VALUE.

If you’re like me, you can call to mind situations and circumstances that may have happened yesterday or years ago when you found yourself hiding in your own functional ‘winepress’.
For me, it was my walk-in closet. A place where I went to escape looking for solace and peace, but all I found was stress, struggles, and a near-suicidal experience.
It could be that all you need on this day is an opportunity to release your story. That’s what I needed, and when I released my story, I found freedom.

Release the story.

So right now, I want to invite you to look up from your ‘winepress’ and release your Story. I promise freedom is on the other side; it is still a process, but freedom is found for those who share their Story, and your Story will bring freedom to others.
Taken YouVersion: Story Suicide Part 1: Tell your story, let’s make it matter by Andrew Martin.

Confidence is a living organism

Confidence is a living organism

Where do you find yourself on this path?

Confidence is a living organism.

It grows as you grow. If you don’t it lies dormant, just breathing. Hiding and waiting.
The moment you come into action and shift your attention it’s heartbeat picks up. It pulses through you with a rhythm that refuses to back down. The more you feed it, the more it becomes part of you.

How does this happen?

Step 1 is to connect with your Source, God or Higher Power. Your relationship with your Source helps you to be grounded and connect. The peace provides gives you so much more boldness to proceed with the journey you are about to begin.
Step 2, you learn new things about yourself and become strong in the knowledge of who you are.
Step 3, you explore the possibilities. You become brave and step into the unknown.
Step 4, you become diligent. Consistency is important in any new journey. If you stop before it is completed you will never know what could have been.

The result:

  • You dream
  • You tap into all life gives you.
  • You act on the dreams.

Soon your confidence grows, and you and confidence become one. Lifting your soul and spirit.
Your creativity blossoms and you step into your destiny.

Where do you find yourself on this path?

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Renewal of mind leads to prosperity.

A cluttered mind cannot be filled with new thoughts. In Christianity, miracles cannot follow unbelieve. So it is safe to say that if you do not renew your mind you will not grow.
It works the same with our creative mind. A cluttered mind cannot create freely. Our minds must become uncluttered.
The reason that many struggles with blocks. These blocks manifest itself in depression, lies we tell ourselves, busyness, sticking our nose where it does not belong, tiredness and much more. It is then that we fall back on a coping mechanism that dulls the emotions, fears and senses. But this is only a short-lived way until it catches up with us. When in fact all we had to do was to change our thoughts.
This is especially true when you are required to take the next step in your creative path. In order to grow as an artist, we have to take stock of our thoughts, patterns and core beliefs to progress. Adjustments have to be made to excel. We can never stay the same.
God will take you just as you are but in order to become stronger and Christ-like, you have to change. Likewise, it is the same in your creativity. No matter your belief. Change is crucial.
To change sounds simple enough… well, on paper it does. 🙂 In reality, it is the difference between living in true freedom of expression or being stuck.
Renewal of the mind, setting the intentions on what you want to do, allowing some quiet time to get recharged, taking care of yourself, sifting through and dealing with the clutter to receive healing, helps you as a creative being to grow and prosper. Meaning your thoughts becomes a free-flowing river that touches your inner man and expression – in whatever form- becomes easy.
It all begins with a decision.
This is vital for your peace of mind number one and growth as an artist number two.
It is the ability to recognise who you are, set aside the coping mechanisms and sort out what hinders your creativity. Only then can you be truly free to receive the miracle of creativity.
Be kind to yourself and grow.

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