Confidence is a living organism

Confidence is a living organism

Where do you find yourself on this path?

Confidence is a living organism.

It grows as you grow. If you don’t it lies dormant, just breathing. Hiding and waiting.
The moment you come into action and shift your attention it’s heartbeat picks up. It pulses through you with a rhythm that refuses to back down. The more you feed it, the more it becomes part of you.

How does this happen?

Step 1 is to connect with your Source, God or Higher Power. Your relationship with your Source helps you to be grounded and connect. The peace provides gives you so much more boldness to proceed with the journey you are about to begin.
Step 2, you learn new things about yourself and become strong in the knowledge of who you are.
Step 3, you explore the possibilities. You become brave and step into the unknown.
Step 4, you become diligent. Consistency is important in any new journey. If you stop before it is completed you will never know what could have been.

The result:

  • You dream
  • You tap into all life gives you.
  • You act on the dreams.

Soon your confidence grows, and you and confidence become one. Lifting your soul and spirit.
Your creativity blossoms and you step into your destiny.

Where do you find yourself on this path?

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Renewal of mind leads to prosperity.

A cluttered mind cannot be filled with new thoughts. In Christianity, miracles cannot follow unbelieve. So it is safe to say that if you do not renew your mind you will not grow.
It works the same with our creative mind. A cluttered mind cannot create freely. Our minds must become uncluttered.
The reason that many struggles with blocks. These blocks manifest itself in depression, lies we tell ourselves, busyness, sticking our nose where it does not belong, tiredness and much more. It is then that we fall back on a coping mechanism that dulls the emotions, fears and senses. But this is only a short-lived way until it catches up with us. When in fact all we had to do was to change our thoughts.
This is especially true when you are required to take the next step in your creative path. In order to grow as an artist, we have to take stock of our thoughts, patterns and core beliefs to progress. Adjustments have to be made to excel. We can never stay the same.
God will take you just as you are but in order to become stronger and Christ-like, you have to change. Likewise, it is the same in your creativity. No matter your belief. Change is crucial.
To change sounds simple enough… well, on paper it does. 🙂 In reality, it is the difference between living in true freedom of expression or being stuck.
Renewal of the mind, setting the intentions on what you want to do, allowing some quiet time to get recharged, taking care of yourself, sifting through and dealing with the clutter to receive healing, helps you as a creative being to grow and prosper. Meaning your thoughts becomes a free-flowing river that touches your inner man and expression – in whatever form- becomes easy.
It all begins with a decision.
This is vital for your peace of mind number one and growth as an artist number two.
It is the ability to recognise who you are, set aside the coping mechanisms and sort out what hinders your creativity. Only then can you be truly free to receive the miracle of creativity.
Be kind to yourself and grow.

Dream until you receive God’s assurance.

Dream until you receive God’s assurance.

I am not a person that always says what’s on my mind and seldom what’s on my heart, but I am prompted to do so today. A revelation that lifted my spirit. Maybe someone needs to hear it as well. It will be a long tale but worth reading till the end…
In 2010, I began to write. I wrote to block out my reality at the time. I wrote to block out the empty cupboards, the demanding phone calls of creditors, the tall grass that could not be cut, the fact that my children had to leave home because my ex and I could not provide in their needs any more. I wrote to block out all the anger and pain, the rejection we have experienced from church, the lack of support. standing alone in a very harsh world. I wrote of lost dreams and empty promises.
I wrote 22 books during that time. Only three of those books were published so far. Love at War and Juweel van die Oosgrens will be book #4 and #5. Both started off quite different from its conception. But as I grew the stories grew, changed, and developed where they are now.
At that stage, there was still a we in the equation. After 2014, we became I…one. I was thrown off balance with no understanding or idea of how to move forward. I had no form of financial support, had no income and no earthly possessions.
Then I began to dream. It was a slow process of trusting myself first then others.
(This was a long process and one I will not talk about now. I want to get to the revelation part.) 🙂
At the end of 2019, I was invited to attend an Eksderde camp where Marié van den Berg spoke directly into my life. Infused with God’s knowledge she said, “God has given you a blank page.”
At the time it elevated me, but I didn’t understand. I ran with it like a thirsty beggar but still felt unworthy, not sure where I fit in. I was still off-balance unsure and desperate.
Was God’s promises of yesteryear still effective? Did my current dreams coincide with God’s plan for me? How did it all fit? Were just some of the questions I faced.
Then I met Joe van den Berg a week ago and he said, “Your past is the past, you have a new slate. It will never be again.”
It was like a click within.
It is a clean slate. From this moment forward all promises and dreams is a new beginning.
The revelation part:
At the moment I am reading the Fourth Dimension from Dr Cho where he talks about receiving assurances from God for your dream.
And the second click happened.
Back in 2010, I wrote to forget, I wrote about anything. From spiritual stories to erotic and everything in between. It was my saving grace during a difficult time. It blinded me from reality.
Since 2019, my writing has changed. My fears and anger do not surface within the pages nor my desires or longings of things not meant. It is more focused now.
My dream is to be a New York best-selling author, to own a book and coffee shop and create a safe environment for all creative beings not only writers. (The reason for my group’s recent name change.)
To get back to Dr Cho’s book and to cut an exceptionally long story short, he said to keep on dreaming and talking about it. For others, it might seem foolish or a pipe dream. There are times that I feel neglected and even looked over, but in this book, he encouraged me to keep on dreaming and planning until God gives me the assurance, the red seal, so to speak. God will approve or object, but my work is to continue with it until…
When you step away from a long-time marriage your world tilts dramatically. In this time, God will allow you to make decisions and even allow you to make mistakes while He keeps you safe…looking back I can point you to all the times He provided and protected me from myself and others that meant me harm I am still in awe about it.
The best part of this long tale is that when God gives you a new page, he means it. But he also wants to see how serious you are. By giving you a clean slate, he gives you a second chance. We begin anew all you have to do is keep on dreaming and doing until God gives you the red seal, the assurance.
That dream will propel you forward. It will help you to grow and it will help you to find your feet again. Just hang in. God is in control.
If you are unsure or off-balance due to life’s knocking around push through. Get the dream on paper. See it. Live it until God comes and put a stamp of approval on it. If not, then it still will not be wasted time. Because you have learned new skills. Who knows where it will lead. Trust God when he says he has given you a new page.
Lynelle Clark


Could your asking be wrong?

Could your asking be wrong?

As creative beings, we are constantly looking for new ideas. Our eyes and ears finely tuned to the world around us. Even when our conscious thought does not pick it up, yet our spirit does.
That which we hear only comes to the forefront when we began to ponder, meditate or pray about it. It simmers and stews quietly, staying dormant until the moment we make time to tap into our spirit that it reveals itself.
At times we have the burning desire to create, and all spiritual like we will ask/wait for guidance. At that moment it sounds profound and then you listen. But no revelation or clarity is revealed.
Could it be that you are out of tune or even asked the wrong thing?
As artistic beings, we look deeper. Right into the heart of a tree, or the sky, or even a flower and envision something so beautiful that we want to cry. Well, I know I do.
Then we ask: please supply me with a tree, or flower or mountain to paint or create. And you wait… with no success.
Because you are asking the wrong thing. Why do I say that?
Because … You have the tree. You have a mountain. You have flowers.
Everything is already there.
You don’t have to create it.
The question you should ask is … show me how to create a table from the tree, or carve a statue out of the mountain, use the sand in this art piece… put the wind in a song, write about the sky so that people see what I see …
It is only then that creativity stirs and ideas flood your mind.
Next time, when you are praying or meditating, grab your journal and write what comes up.
Allow the vision to grow and then build with what you have. With what you see and what you hear. Allow your senses the freedom to flow.
Remember to ask correctly.
Be blessed and highly favoured in this week.

The stone story

The stone story

‘One day a savvy teacher was invited to speak to a group of successful managers about managing time. He looked at the managers and said: “we are going to do an experiment”. He pulled out a large glass jar and set it on the table in front of him. Then he took out about a dozen big stones and placed them, one by one, into the jar. When the jar was full and no more stones could fit inside, he asked, “Is this jar full?”

Everyone answered, “Yes.”
“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Let’s see.” He reached under the table, pulled out some gravel and dumped it in. He shook the jar, causing the gravel to work itself down into the crevices between the big stones. Then he asked the audience again, “Is the jar full?”

The audience was catching on quickly. “Probably not,” one of them answered.
“Right!” he replied. He then brought out a bucket of sand. He started pouring the sand into the spaces between the stones and the gravel.

When he was finished, he asked again, “Is this jar full?” This time everybody shouted “No”. “Correct!” he replied.

Then he grabbed a pitcher of water and poured it in until the jar was full to the brim. The managers looked at the full jar, then looked back at the old lecturer.

The lecturer looked back at the audience and asked: “What is the big truth we can learn from this experiment?”

One of the managers responded, “no matter how full your schedule is, if you really try hard, you can always fit some more things into it!”

The teacher said, “That’s probably true, but this is not the main point”, he said.
The room grew silent as everyone contemplated the meaning of these wise words.

The old teacher looked again at the audience and asked: “What are the big stones in your life? Family? Relationships? Health? Spirituality? Fulfilling your dreams? To do what you really love to do?

The first thing is to identify what is most important and valuable to us. Without getting your big stones in place first, they will never ever get in. You can be busy playing around with the gravel, sand and water in your life (the peripheral, miscellaneous and day-to-day activities) and your “big stones” will always be left out, with no room for them in your life. Are you working to get the big stones in place? Or have you neglected them?

Without getting your big stones in place first, they will never ever get in. You can be busy playing around with the gravel, sand and water in your life (the peripheral, miscellaneous and day-to-day activities) and your “big stones” will always be left out, with no room for them in your life.

If we do not consciously attend to our big stones, we will never get to them. Don’t push them to a ‘later’ or ‘next time’. The big stones do not fall into place by themselves. There will always be room in our life for the gravel, sand and water, no matter when or where. But for there to be room to place our big stones, we need to deliberately make the decision to put them in first. Start to consciously take action and get your big stones in. Only then you will start to gain the big payoffs and rewards you wish for in your life.

Taken from Unlock Bliss by Dr Zeev Gilkis. 

The process of finding yourself.

It’s seldom that we get second chances and when it happens, it leaves a lasting impression.

The Meaning of the rose within the Kreativ Collectiv banner has a special meaning to me.

It was part of a prophetic word that touched me deeply and when I returned to God; He reminded me of this prophetic word again.

Growth process

Like a rose, it forms us in the quiet hours of the day till at the appointed time it opens its petals and shine.
It begins in the dark where no one can witness your transformation. You experience droughts and floods, at times you are plucked before you are ready, and formed with almost brutal and uncaring force but without notice, you become stronger and the first bud sprouts forth.

Connect with your Source.

The more time you spend with God the stronger you become.
A journey of self-discovery where you embrace your creativity.
Your creative path is already within you. It waits patiently for you to connect with it.
My goal is to help you find that place and allow yourself the freedom to create effortlessly.

It will cost time and connection.

Time invested gives you the room to explore.
Connecting with your Source helps you to understand and discover the possibilities.
As a creative life coach, I will assist in your connection with your Source and help you manage your time.


With time all resources and tools will be available to help you in your quest.

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