Psalms 42. A Touching Word.

This morning I was reading the scripture and was so invigorated with the words of life that I want to share it.

God always begins in the inner man, and once we follow His promptings, the outer life changes. So, this scripture was such an uplifting and conformational blessing to me. I like to share it here.

Normally, I am a very private person regarding these things, but in it I think the Father allows me to be more forward and share my path.


Become Enlightened

We’ve covered a few wise steps to take to become women who move when God moves. We are aware of our words, we are responding instead of reacting, we’re activating NOW faith, and we’re even coming to God so that He can give us rest. For the remaining three days of our study, we’re going to cover the benefits of the SHIFT. Today, let’s discuss how the SHIFT enlightens you.

In the Bible, one excellent person to observe who experienced enlightenment because of a shift is Moses. Moses was watching sheep in the wilderness when an angel appeared in a burning bush. Moses went to investigate when he heard God calling him by name. When he arrived at the bush, God told Moses who He was, and Moses hid his face.

Over the years, God worked with Moses, shifting him into his purpose. Then, this happens a few chapters later, in Exodus 34:29: “When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the covenant law in his hands, he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord.”

Before the SHIFT, Moses hid his face in God’s presence and tried to commune with God in the darkness. After the SHIFT, Moses stood boldly in God’s presence, and his face was radiant. He was no longer hiding his face. Moses was able to commune with God in the light—God’s supernatural light—and be blessed.

There are two important realizations here:

  • Even when you don’t realize it, God is watching you: God lit the bush on fire because he knew Moses would see it—He was looking at Moses before Moses even knew he was being watched. God is always watching over you; you are never alone.
  • The external always reflects what’s happening internally: When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, he wasn’t even aware that GOD’S LIGHT was being reflected in how he showed up. God’s light, the internal, was being reflected on Moses’ face, the external. Moses’s internal shift in God’s presence resulted in something external that nobody could miss.

I love the Bible because Moses didn’t even know that people were seeing an outward change that was reflective of an inward SHIFT. You may have been looking for an outward change—you’ve been waiting for a car, a home, better health, a husband, a job, and all the while God has been conducting an inward shift in your heart, your mind, and in your words. It’s going to create results that nobody can miss in your life!

It’s going to happen suddenly! All of a sudden, you look different. All of a sudden, you speak differently. All of a sudden, you move differently. All of a sudden, you’ll have this glow. Everything on the outside becomes enlightened because of the SHIFT that has happened on the inside.

Today’s Affirmation:

The better way is now my norm. What used to be my ceiling is now my floor. My face is radiant because of my time with God. He is the source of my radiance. He is my contentment. He is my full joy. He has gifted me with wisdom and enlightenment. As I stand in God’s presence, waves of refreshing peace wash over me. I feel His love. I am radiating in His presence. I am satisfied.

Question of the Day:

Where is God creating an internal shift in you?

Excerpt from The Shift: Becoming a Woman who moves when God moves by Erin Marie Waller, MBA. Day 8 of the bible plan.

Embrace Your Limitations

Embrace Your Limitations

Today I want to share a devotional that touched me early this morning.

To embrace your limitation means to me to put some elbow grease into my passion. My passion is writing. It is a dream that laid dormant for forty-five years and was only released when I had nothing to do but write. Writing became my outlet, my sounding board of life and how I experience it.

But writing is difficult as well. If you don’t understand the fundamentals of grammar no one will read it and it has cost me years of diligently practise it. I still make mistakes but when I read story, I have written years ago, I can see how much I have grown. That is only because I was willing to embrace my limitations and write. It has become a never-ending quest to do better, to write better, to understand the different words and apply them appropriately.

This is why this devotional speaks to me… Enjoy it with me.


Week 7: Your code of conduct.

Week 7: Your code of conduct.

Scripture: 1 Cor 13


How do your relationships look like?

How do your immediate circumstances look like?

Working as an estate agent, I had a code of conduct to adhere to. The Estate Agency Board’s codes mixed with the agency I signed a contract with. We read it thoroughly and signed this lengthy document with some hesitation. As humans, we are prone to mistakes. And to sign this where no excuses were tolerated was a big step. Penalties were a given if you stepped out of line. These rules stated with exact discipline how you should interact with clients.

In life we also have a code of conduct manual; the Bible. It is our daily guide to be the most effective human being. Listening to a book the other day it was pointed out again that our conduct is the result of our world and how it looks like.

If you are irritable and grumpy all the time your world reflects and attracts negatively. Especially in your relationships, it is more noticeable. If you walk around with a smile on your face, no matter the circumstances you experience, your relationships are healthy.

If you want a different outcome in your life, change your conduct. It will change your relationships, your circumstances and your choices. You will not act from a place of irritability but love. Your conduct should be beyond approach.


Father, help me detect the moments of irritability in my day and change them to Your conduct. Your Son was the perfect example when walking on the earth. Even when he was betrayed, He walked in Love. Though His circumstances were severe, He showed love and forgave. Holy Spirit, help me with everything I say and do. I make a conscious decision to not walk in intolerance, impatience, be irritable but with patients, tolerance and love. Fill me with Your Peace so that I can show it in my life and can become the magnet of goodness and love and be a blessing to others.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Worthy to be Loved
Week 6: Ineffective and unproductiveness kills self-confidence.

Week 6: Ineffective and unproductiveness kills self-confidence.

Scripture: 2 Peter 1:5-9


Life is a constant walk. A growth process that enables us to do our work. For this walk, you can add positive or negative information that gives you the composure for everyday living. Much of our self-confidence is built by how we see ourselves.

When we see ourselves through God’s eyes, we are confident, doing what is right with dignity and grace in every area. When we lose our focus, we are fearful and uncertain, stripped from all assurances, and we are an open target for the enemy to do his work in and through us.

According to the scripture in 2 Peter 1 from verse 5, make every effort to add to your faith. An impressive list that begins with goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness and love. The one builds the other. It cannot operate alone. To be truly self-confident, these qualities should be visible in your life.

If not, then you should try to add it as the scripture states. God will not come with a magic wand and do it. No, He expects you to do so.

It is a conscious thought to add daily and walk in confidence. It sets you apart as God intended. When we add, we become love. We become grace and are an arm and mouthpiece for the Father. A true witness to His Name.


Father, your Word gives us the tools to walk confidently into this world. Help me set my fears and worries aside so that I can replace them with your attributes. Let goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness and love be clear in my daily walk.

Your word teaches me I am can overcome all things, help my feeble mind to be strong and tap into your resources. Thank you for equipping me to be the person you have called. To truly walk in love as shown by your Son, Christ Jesus.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Worthy to be Loved



Week 1: Jesus sets the example.

Week 1: Jesus sets the example.

Monday Inspirational 

Scripture: (NIV) 1 Peter 3:8 “Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.”  

According to the scripture in 1 Peter 3 harmony, love, sympathy, compassion, and humbleness walks hand in hand. If you lack in the one, you lack in all. Love is a small, four-letter word, with a big responsibility.

Love is not a cliché, but an action. If you don’t put action to it, you won’t get the results you desperately seek. To utter the word irresponsible or say it just to manipulate is to mistreat the very nature of love.

Love is harmony

Love is sympathy

Love is compassionate

Love is humble

 Love is all the above and so much more. When you study the life of Jesus Christ, you will notice servanthood, empathy, but most of all His desire to remain obedient to His Father. He said to Mary, his mother in Luke 2:49, “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?” it was so important to spend time with his Father that he was willing to disobey his earthly parents at that moment.

Only after that, he went home to be obedient to them. His life was the very nature of Love. This is an important lesson for us when we want to walk in His Divine Love. Obedience to the Father comes first, and the rest will follow. Love comes from that obedience. Without it, Jesus couldn’t walk to the cross and lay His life down for us.

The Love of the Father compelled him to honour his wishes; even unto death.

Only when we understand the heart of the Father can we submit and become His love and use it in accordance with the scripture in 1 Peter 3:8.


Heavenly Father, you are Love. Show me the true meaning of your Love. Help me understand how to walk in humbleness, compassion, sympathy, and harmony. Let Jesus Christ’s life show me the way so that I can walk steadfastly in His footsteps and walk-in Love daily. Being absolutely one with His example. Amen.”

 You are blessed and highly favoured

Rom 8

Lynelle Clark

Worthy to be Loved

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