Week 14: I didn’t sign up for this.

Week 14: I didn’t sign up for this.


Ps 27: 14 Wait and hope for and expect the Lord; be brave and of good courage and let your heart be stout and enduring. Yes, wait for and hope for and expect the Lord.

There are times in a person’s life that you say to God and everyone else that is close enough to hear that you have not signed up for whatever is going on in your life.

When we are hurting, in disillusionment, utter confusion, and in desperate need of help, then nothing makes sense.

You try to pray for one eye open, hoping for that miracle that will right all the wrongs, but nothing is happening. Then you ask: Does God care?

These feelings of disillusionment left unattended start to seem like facts about God when our circumstances don’t turn like we believed they should.

In 2015, the New York Times ran an article called, “Googling for God.” In this article, author Seth Stephens-Davidowitz writes, “It has been a bad decade for God, at least so far.” He continues to ask, “What questions do people have when they are questioning God?” The number one question asked was, “Who created God?” The number two question was, “Why does God allow suffering?” But it was the third question that made me realize the depth at which many of us struggle when we walk through devastating situations: “Why does God hate me?”

When life is not fair, or you think God has forgotten you, then it is easy to think God is not true to His Word. Especially when answers don’t come on time. When you lose everything, you have worked hard for slips through your fingers with no saving grace it is easy to think God doesn’t care. When your pain is so heavy that you cannot walk straight, it is easy to turn your back on God.

I know, I have been there.

It is a lonely place to be and to turn around needs an act of God to get back on track.

“What makes faith fall apart isn’t doubt. It is becoming too certain of the wrong in life.”

We forget about God’s word and the very basics of our belief.

To Wait on God during our troubled times is our only way to hold on to God’s promises. Not fear and threat. Not to look around and concoct all kinds of stories in our heads, but to wait on God.

The promise after that wait is HOPE AND EXPECT, the goodness of the Lord. But it begins by waiting. A lesson we should learn again.

What Does the Bible Say About Waiting? (openbible.info)


Father, you know my feeble mind. You know how easy it is to be side-tracked by the problems I face.

Today I want to rededicate my focus on you and become watchful for the promised hope that I can only find in you.

You are my Source and my expectation. My hope in times of trouble, confusion, and disillusionment.

I choose to look at You. I choose to believe that I am blessed and highly favoured.

In Jesus Name.



September 1, 2021

Week 13: Forgiveness

Week 13: Forgiveness

Scripture: Ephesians 4:32 – And be ye kind one to another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.


Are you struggling to let go of past wrongs?

Does it continually appear like a muddy stain on a white shirt and settle in your mind? Not even Vanish wants to remove the traces of that stain. Even with all the rubbing, it takes hold of your mind and actions. But those things have a way to keep you back. Hindering you to be the “white shirt” you are meant to be. The longer it takes to remove it, the longer it reminds you of your own inabilities.

The stain has no awareness of your struggle to forgive. He/she has moved on and is very cosy. You are the one that is crippled at the end. The quicker I deal with it the quicker you can move on. Don’t allow yesterday’s stains to stop your growth. Forgive. Let go of that victim attitude and settle to be an overcomer. No wronged stain has the ability to hold you back. It is a choice to get rid of it once and for all. It is also a choice to keep it.

If so, what does that stain remind you of? Don’t allow that reminder to rob you of the abundance Father has promised you. His promises are far greater than the prison stain holding you. Break the prison chain and move forward.


Father, today I want to lie down this wrong. I ask that you help to remove this permanently from my mind. I forgive ________ and declare today that it has no hold over me. I break the chain of unforgiveness and let it go. I give you the key to my heart. Remind me of your word and give me peace. I set my mind on your word, reveal its truths to me. Replace the lies and hurt with certainty and healing. I accept your divine intervention. Thank you, that Jesus showed me the way therefore, I can do exactly that. Walk in divine purpose. I declare this stain wiped from my mind and that I am free.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Week 12: Reveal your purpose in life and find peace

Week 12: Reveal your purpose in life and find peace

Scripture: Dan 2:30,

“But as for me, this mystery has not been revealed to me for any wisdom residing in me more than in any other living man, but for the purpose of making the interpretation known to the king, and that you may understand the thoughts of your mind.


Eagerly search for God’s plan for your life. In so doing, you will reach the target or grasp your goal for being on the earth. Once you know your purpose, it cloaked you with assured confidence. Therefore, walking in sound wisdom, ordained purpose, and Godly understanding; you will be overcome. The one who comprehends God’s mysteries. God’s word is adequately filled with revelation scriptures, revealing His necessary truths to you. Making every effort to discover it. Your divine destiny is in your capable hands. Knock at the door, by praying, interceding, and asking until you have received your purpose-filled answers. Receiving your purpose will promote you into a fruitful life. Looking keenly at the things you are performing from day to day; is the only way to distinguish it. Those which come naturally. It influences people around you. Open your heart to His mysteries, and lasting peace will reign in your heart.


Like Daniel, I pray for revelation, Father. I want to walk a purpose-filled life, directed by You. Reveal to me the truth about my life. I receive Your understanding and revelation. Father, I open my eyes to see. I remove the blinds that hindered and blocked me so far so that I can see clearly. Father, to live a life of purpose is my goal. I will not be satisfied with anything less. Therefore, I set my mind on your word, reveal its truths to me. Give me the insight through the Holy Spirit to walk this life with determination. Anoint me to be a true vessel.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

How do you see yourself as a writer?

How do you see yourself as a writer?


Writing is my voice. It talks for me when words fail me. I can order my words and give them a platform. When I talk, words tend to come out muddled and my thought is not clear. This has caused many misunderstandings and fights that I rather refrain from talking about.

A writer’s role is to draft a story in such a way that people would like to read it and would leave an impression on them. Or they are left with a nugget of wisdom to better themselves.

If you write fictitious or non-fictitious, it reveals your heart, your passions, interests and so much more. Ultimately, we write what we know.

I see my writing as more than just entertainment. I see it as a platform to reveal the Father’s heart in a realistic, believable way that readers can relate to. At times I would address a certain topic I have struggled with, like unforgiveness. Then there are times that I would tackle a difficult topic like gender violence or environmental issues.

It is my way to give something back from what I have learned and to instill a certain truth by way of creating a plotline full of drama and suspense.

As a writer, I find that I learn and read more about life skills, or life coaching, to get to the heart of the character. The entertaining part, or to dress the characters like Barbie dolls, is not as important to me as to tell their story.

I like to know:

Why they are who they are?

What has brought them to this place?

How will they get out of this problem?

How do you see yourself as a writer? What role do you have? Are you the voice?

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