As creative beings, we are constantly looking for new ideas. Our eyes and ears finely tuned to the world around us. Even when our conscious thought does not pick it up, yet our spirit does.
That which we hear only comes to the forefront when we began to ponder, meditate or pray about it. It simmers and stews quietly, staying dormant until the moment we make time to tap into our spirit that it reveals itself.
At times we have the burning desire to create, and all spiritual like we will ask/wait for guidance. At that moment it sounds profound and then you listen. But no revelation or clarity is revealed.
Could it be that you are out of tune or even asked the wrong thing?
As artistic beings, we look deeper. Right into the heart of a tree, or the sky, or even a flower and envision something so beautiful that we want to cry. Well, I know I do.
Then we ask: please supply me with a tree, or flower or mountain to paint or create. And you wait... with no success.
Because you are asking the wrong thing. Why do I say that?
Because ... You have the tree. You have a mountain. You have flowers.
Everything is already there.
You don't have to create it.
The question you should ask is ... show me how to create a table from the tree, or carve a statue out of the mountain, use the sand in this art piece... put the wind in a song, write about the sky so that people see what I see ...
It is only then that creativity stirs and ideas flood your mind.
Next time, when you are praying or meditating, grab your journal and write what comes up.
Allow the vision to grow and then build with what you have. With what you see and what you hear. Allow your senses the freedom to flow.
Remember to ask correctly.
Be blessed and highly favoured in this week.

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