Be Blessable

When we say we’re blessed and highly favoured, there is a certain responsibility on our part to make it true. We cannot be favoured nor blessed if we do not do the basics.

Blessed means we receive endorsement from a higher power. If there is no connection, it will be an acceptable word without meaning.

So, what does that have to do with creativity or books?

Glad you asked. 😊

There are certain things God blesses. Obedience, for example. And there are things he refuses to bless. Disobedience for one.

As a visionary, it is imperative that you remain blessable. Translation, you must adhere to a set of beliefs and behaviours that reflect this connection. Your creativity may want to develop in a certain direction that will set you apart from “competitors”, however, you must embrace the standards set forth by your connection. If you follow Christ, the Scripture will be your guide. If you follow a more spiritual or traditional belief, you follow that guidance.

Since I am a believer, I can advise from the scripture. Take it with an open mind and see the results at the end.

2 Chronicles says that the Lord strongly supports those whose hearts are completely his. Question: How important is it to you that the Lord strongly supports what you are doing? If it is important, then your heart must be completely his. When you embrace what is important to him, you bring your heart into alignment with his. When your heart is completely his, you are blessable.

We can divide your core beliefs and behaviours into two categories: general and specific.

General beliefs and behaviours are what every person/believer should adhere to. Things like honesty, purity, and integrity should be embraced regardless of our vision.

Failure to follow the general standards has caused countless visions to come apart at the seams. We have all seen visions damaged by mishandled finances and unresolved relational conflicts. Or miscarriage and abortion had taken place before fulfilment because of jealousy, pre-mature speaking, etc. It accounts for just about every failed vision I know of.

Specific beliefs and behaviours are specific to your particular vision. I can’t tell you what these would be for you. You must figure them out on your own, with God’s help.

In order to give the word, blessed real meaning you should live according to the beliefs you follow. This will enable your vision’s safety and growth. It will give meaning to your craft and substance to you. Your vision will become your voice, a trumpet of triumph in a world in need of good news, beauty and blessing.

When the Israelites were in the desert, God gave certain men the skills to craft the Ark, Priestly clothing and Tabernacle according to His specifications. That same God lives within us. That same power of creativity is still available within us. The more we connect to God, the more it will happen.

What to do: Develop a list of both general and specific beliefs and behaviours relevant to each of your visions. This will be your guide.

Make yourself blessable.

You are blessed and highly favoured.


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