Releasing your Creativity

Releasing your Creativity


Ability + A Strategy + The desire to get a result = A Result.

If we apply massive action to our knowledge, it will have a faster, and even greater impact on our lives.

Why do most people find it so difficult to put the required action behind their knowledge? I believe it is nothing more than lack of belief.

Our belief system is the driving force behind our behaviours and the results we get in life. If we change our beliefs, we will change our behaviours. When we change our behaviours, we will change our results. Then, when we change our results – we will change our lives!

It all starts with our belief system. A wise man once said, ‘if you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes’. This always has been and always will be true.

There are many things that can keep someone from believing. However, it seems the biggest factor that keeps people from believing is fear. It’s a fact that it takes courage to succeed. But let’s not forget, that courage isn’t the absence of fear – it’s the capacity to press on despite the presence of fear.

Usually, the solution to any fear is simply just to do the thing we fear. It’s amazing how the fear then disappears!

The smallest of actions (even those that seem insignificant and trivial) can lead to great success. It’s been said that ‘actions, like pictures, are worth a thousand words. We could have the best idea and the greatest plan in the world, but without action, we would still fail.’

However, a modest idea and an incomplete plan will often produce success when accompanied by appropriate action.

Doing nothing gets you nothing.’ Sean Reichle

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