It's seldom that we get second chances and when it happens, it leaves a lasting impression.

The Meaning of the rose within the Kreativ Collectiv banner has a special meaning to me.

It was part of a prophetic word that touched me deeply and when I returned to God; He reminded me of this prophetic word again.

Growth process

Like a rose, it forms us in the quiet hours of the day till at the appointed time it opens its petals and shine.
It begins in the dark where no one can witness your transformation. You experience droughts and floods, at times you are plucked before you are ready, and formed with almost brutal and uncaring force but without notice, you become stronger and the first bud sprouts forth.

Connect with your Source.

The more time you spend with God the stronger you become.
A journey of self-discovery where you embrace your creativity.
Your creative path is already within you. It waits patiently for you to connect with it.
My goal is to help you find that place and allow yourself the freedom to create effortlessly.

It will cost time and connection.

Time invested gives you the room to explore.
Connecting with your Source helps you to understand and discover the possibilities.
As a creative life coach, I will assist in your connection with your Source and help you manage your time.


With time all resources and tools will be available to help you in your quest.

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