A prosperous 2021 to every creative person. May your dreams come true in this year.

To Follow your bliss means to live your passion.

Asking the correct questions will help you find your feet.

Creativity is not only a child’s favourite playtime, but it can be yours as well. If you love to arrange flowers, or decorate a cake, or write journals. Maybe you are drawing sketches with the hope to be discovered.

But if you do not find nor make the time to explore your creativity will wait and you will become frustrated. That is no way to live.

As we know, not all dreams happen automatically. You need a goal and a purpose to move forward. Here are some questions to help you on your quest and goal for this year.

If you have questions afterwards or require a life coach, contact me. Visit the resource page for more resources.

Ask clarifying questions

1. When am I at my best/worst as a parent/employer/employee/spouse/artist, etc.?
2. Where do my natural talents lie?
3. What’s important to me in my work/home life?
4. What energies me, and what makes me feel apathetic?
5. What is my passion?
6. Who inspires me in my work, relationships, etc.?
7. Which role models can I emulate?
8. What values guide my work/my studies/my relationships?
9. Are there core values or principles I am not prepared to violate (these can include charters that you join)?
10. How do these values relate to my day-to-day life?
11. What mistakes have I made in my life so far, and how I can avoid repeating them?

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