Writing is my voice. It talks for me when words fail me. I can order my words and give them a platform. When I talk, words tend to come out muddled and my thought is not clear. This has caused many misunderstandings and fights that I rather refrain from talking about.

A writer’s role is to draft a story in such a way that people would like to read it and would leave an impression on them. Or they are left with a nugget of wisdom to better themselves.

If you write fictitious or non-fictitious, it reveals your heart, your passions, interests and so much more. Ultimately, we write what we know.

I see my writing as more than just entertainment. I see it as a platform to reveal the Father’s heart in a realistic, believable way that readers can relate to. At times I would address a certain topic I have struggled with, like unforgiveness. Then there are times that I would tackle a difficult topic like gender violence or environmental issues.

It is my way to give something back from what I have learned and to instill a certain truth by way of creating a plotline full of drama and suspense.

As a writer, I find that I learn and read more about life skills, or life coaching, to get to the heart of the character. The entertaining part, or to dress the characters like Barbie dolls, is not as important to me as to tell their story.

I like to know:

Why they are who they are?

What has brought them to this place?

How will they get out of this problem?

How do you see yourself as a writer? What role do you have? Are you the voice?

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