Writers write – it is a continual habit you have to do to succeed. So, here are a few tips for the authors and writers on my page.

1. Stop making excuses! It’s just too easy to say, ‘I’ll have more time next week when the kids are back at school’, or ‘I first need to organise my office space’.
2. Allocate a specific space that is just yours for writing. Create an environment that inspires you to write, with a comfortable chair and a desk, and space to pop up the post-it notes with storyline and character ideas.
3. Just as you add doctor’s appointments and school activities to your calendar, add in time slots for writing. And don’t miss them, just as you wouldn’t forget your dentist appointment or daughter’s recital.
4. As the day only has 24 hours – something has to give to make way for writing time. Prioritise what that will be. Learn how to say no to other things.
5. Remove any distractions. Close all browser tabs. Mute your social media notifications. Give the dog a bone if that will keep him quiet. Set your alarm for however long you’ve set aside to write, grab a coffee, and don’t stop until the alarm goes off. Or, set a word count and don’t stop until you’ve reached it for the day.
6. If you’re a morning person, get up an hour before the rest of the family. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done before the household awakes. If you’re a night owl, forget that late-night talk show on TV and rather get creative.
7. Be organised! Keep your research handy, saved in links or notes. Keep a notebook or use your phone’s recording app to save ideas when creative thoughts pop into your head at random moments, often in the middle of the night. And whatever you do, regularly back up your work to a cloud so that a crashed computer doesn’t mean starting from scratch.
8. Delegate. There’s no reason why you need to cook all the family meals. The more organised you are in general, the more time you’ll be able to slot in for writing.
9. Be spontaneous – grab any available opportunity that pops up. Rather than scrolling through Facebook, come up with a new character or plot twist.
At the end of the day, it’s up to you. If you truly want to write, make the time for it.
Here are some resources to help you in your craft.

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