Back in 1992 my journey with this process had begun. Back then I have written down my path as a brand new believer. I noted new revelations and scriptures and matured as believer and leader.

When I became a group leader with Word in Action (Woord in Aksie) many of my experiences were written down. When I was a vessel for miraculous breakthrough in others. Prophetic word I have received, etc.

By 2000 my journaling had evolved to writing down my feelings, and experiences in my day to day struggles… battling with the why’s with no direction. By then we went through tough times in church and had to deal with many hurts which were scribbled down. Many tear marks stained these pages which became part of my journaling.

By 2010 my journaling had stopped. I was emotionally, physically and spiritually at a loss. By then we have lost everything.
However, while my journaling had stopped, the stories began. It simply flowed from me unhindered and 12 books were written between 2010 – 2012.

By then we had no income, no car, and waited for the bank to take the house and had no electricity or food. When we could afford diesel for the generator I wrote these stories. My experiences became part of the characters struggles and I simply got lost between these pages. An escape goat from reality.

My first book, A Pirate’s Wife, was published in 2012. I finally felt like someone who mattered when it went live. Back then it was only available in Kindle and free… since it has been published 20 000 copies were downloaded. (Not to shabby for a girl from Brakpan.) 😜

But journaling stayed in the background. From 2010 – 2018 I have not written at all. I did, however started to write motivational pieces, articles for magazines etc and poured my heart into this. In a sense this became my journaling. It was more refined and purposeful.

The end of 2019 I started with journaling again. This time it became more focused more concentrated as I embarked on my emotional healing. The scars and pains found an outlet and with my life coach and mentor I started to lift my head. Journaling became a sound board where I found myself.

When I started with the Morning pages 4 weeks ago, I had no idea that it would usher in another side of my creativity. A side that opened me while open heart surgery was done. The shame and guilt had made way for new beginnings and I experience breakthrough in my creativity.

Your creativity walks hand in hand with your emotions, growth and learning. It shows you the deeper meaning of you while you can express yourself effortlessly.

On the first of this month I started with a brand new book and it began with much hesitation. Yesterday, I finally found the breakthrough in myself, and write with ease. The same way I have written back in 2010.
Now it comes with greater ease… purposeful while the essence of the story is revealed. And of course I apply all the lessons learned about the craft and what I have shared here.

Why did I write this?
Glad you asked… 😊
Do not underestimate the power your journaling has. Within those pages are you free to express your heart, to allow your creativity to flow. No matter how your reality looks right now, stay true to the process of writing/ journaling. Allow healing to breakthrough and receive the clarity you desire.

Do you feel blocked… write.
Do you feel down…. write.
Do you feel inspired… write.
Do you feel drained… write.
No time… write.
No money…write.
No food…write.

You have no excuse.

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