Writers are rather creative people. Our minds never stop moving or thinking of ideas for our work, whether it’s for a movie, an article, or a book. The Psalmist understood this. He talks about his ‘heart being stirred by a noble theme.’ But he goes one further by reminding us that our gift is from and for God (‘… I recite my verses for the king’).

The writer’s life can be lonely. Isolated for hours at a time, with only the flickering computer screen for company, the outside world rarely gets a look in. It is also a life that demands the utmost dedication to the craft, which is why the psalmist’s warning is so apt; it reminds us to stay focused on God.

My tongue is the pen of a skillful writer. This verse is a reminder to writers that it is not only the words that we write that have power; the words that we speak also have power. This is important because we seem to spend a lot of our time caught up in self-doubt and (unreasonably) comparing ourselves to others. However, when you remember and confess out loud to yourself that ‘my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer,’ you are reminded of Whose you are, of Who called you to be a writer and can align your priorities right (glorify God in your writing). Reflect on this while meditating on the above Scriptures.

Psalms 45: 1
Taken from 21-Day Devotional for Writers.

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