Without getting on the bandwagon and write a poor-me letter, we can all agree that 2020 was a tough year. It challenged us to think differently and to adjust our doing in all parts of life. Most times it brought us out of our shell, even though we were in isolation for the biggest part of the year.

For at least two months, I watched all the golden oldies of Agatha Christie's Poirot and Ms Marple TV Series, Ruth Rendall Mysteries, The Messiah Killings (and I am still not done) etc. with some lighter watching like The Heartbeat series, Rose and Thyme and reading. Because of my sickness, reading was difficult. I could not remember what I read, and writing was non-existing.

Something I have noticed.

Agatha Christie's novels took place between the two big wars and the pinch of Word War 2 seeped through the fibre of everyday life. Yet, people loved, birthed babies, had gotten rich, inheritances were gotten stolen. These made for fitting topics as murder and mayhem ruled the characters' lives as they removed rivals for whatever reason. I could not help but see many similarities between then and now.

What I noticed was that she had written in the present (today it is a historic mystery). She used her world around her to create the books she is famous for. She created compelling plotlines and fascinating characters. Each an integral part of the plot. And the detectives were in a class of their own. Created with flair and distinction—their little grey cells always at work, missing nothing. The moment they realized the truth, a shift happened. These components gave us a buzz.

It fascinates me—am I alone in this? Setting up the place and plot, the way the main character Poirot and Marple, were added to be at the scene, the isolation of the story, and the way it all comes together. This inspired me, and thoughts of mayhem ran through me for my next suspenseful book.

 Ms Christie laid down the foundation of crime worldwide. She made it believable and entertaining. I believe she wrote the rulebook for future writers and one can only learn from her.

Back to the original topic.

This is a different war. Not done with bombs and dying bodies in the streets, but a silent war that comes from all sides and took our liberty. It left us vulnerable to an invisible enemy. The one day we walked around and do business in the freedom of our society the next...poof. It vanished. This year will not be different, the experts say.

Now we feel the pinch of this silent war throughout our lives. Tolerance is almost non-existent, with riots that cover the front pages of the newspapers. Desperate people flood our borders with hope for a better life, just to be stopped. Money is scarce, yet people still get rich. Babies are born while we live on limited budgets. Corruption a topic we will hear of long after this pandemic is over. The mighty falling in what seems to be without shame. Death is a lonely affair, closed-off, because of COVID-19. My partner, father, and I had survived this horrid killer's clutches and we know that God's grace is enough. It humbles you.

Praise ye the Lord.

The Bible teaches us to praise the Lord. This time had drawn me closer to the Lord than in the freedom of movement days. I have learned to be in the present and take it as is, equipping myself during this time rather than moping.

Praise the Lord implies that we lift our eyes from the ground and look further. We rejoice in the present and stay focused on what we have. Grateful for every day given to us. I believe it heals us, it keeps us sane and keeps us on our knees. Nothing else will get us out of this than to stay connected with our Source.


I have completed three courses, published a book, began with a Facebook group, Kreativ Collectiv Community, and began a new website, Kreativ Collectiv.com.

I want to invite you to visit my website and leave a comment so I know you were there. If you need support and encouragement, connect with me in the group. I would love to meet you and walk this road with you. My goal is to help you in your goals and set you on the path of creative freedom. A journey we cannot walk alone.

Preparation facilitates liberation. Jakes, T. D.

Praising the Father and taking His word to heart grounded me. It helped me to become still and focus on the important things.

May this scripture in Ps 150:6 encourage you to stay connected and find the peace that only our Heavenly Father can give.

A prosperous 2021 to you and your family.

You are blessed and highly favoured.


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