Bella’s Choice


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How many of us love plants and admire them, buy them from time to time, but don’t really know how to take good care of them, only to let them die of thirst or drowning it? If you only have read the instructions, but quickly forget to keep to it, only to see how your lovely plant dies in front of your eyes, after a few weeks (money down the drain).

Author’s note: I have read a few books on ménage and swinging; finding it interesting and fascinating at the same time. It has its place on the genre shelves. Many couples live this lifestyle as an everyday occurrence. If this is your choice and you are happy with it, I would say enjoy. But I am also curious and often ask questions like:

What about the children?

Do they know?

What effect does this have on them?

Bella’s Choice was born from these questions and originally written as an erotic story. However, I thought it best to change it and look at it from a different perspective. In South Africa, there are a great number of people who follow this lifestyle, although hidden in the folds of society. The reason it is hidden is because it’s not acceptable to the normal way of life and is condemned by the average person. I spent some time on one of the sites available and learned that the people who have chosen this way of life are normal, everyday people with a love for the outdoors and their children and would do nothing to harm them. Unlike the parents in this book. This is the extreme and entirely fictitious. They went overboard, became addicted to the lifestyle, and almost destroyed their children in the process.

Everyone I’ve met within the swinging community are caring parents, always careful about whom they meet with and where, never allowing their children to come to any harm. I have met beautiful couples with a love for the adventurous side of lovemaking when they want more than just the average married life. I must admit that I was surprised to see the huge number of followers in my country, even in my region. Not long ago, this lifestyle made headlines claiming this fact.

Trust is a major point within this group; you must be comfortable with each other in order to connect with the right couple or couples; meeting on common ground to test the waters, before plunging in and indulging in sex. If this mutual connection does not exist, it will not happen at all.

It’s a long, sifting process where courting is very important. Not the old-fashioned way, of course, but rather by talking and discovering who these people are. Sharing photographs also helps in the connection part of such relationships. Both husband and wife must be comfortable with the idea of sharing, or it will not advance to the next step.

These are groups of people who like to explore all possibilities but not lose themselves in the process, or cause those around them any harm.

In my story, trust is also a major issue for Anabella―the main character―who suffers from images she’s witnessed at home, which inevitably try to pull her into this lifestyle. She finds herself in situations where she has to defend not only herself, but the choices she makes. It is an individual choice, one that should never be forced on anyone, as is the case with Anabella and her parents.

No matter how carefree and wonderful it all sounds, the consequences can be devastating to those around us. We are not alone in this world; our actions do have reactions that can create much pain and suffering to a certain individual.

This is also a story of forgiveness and moving forward, where the choice is to step away and choose something different, something Anabella would be comfortable with.

Please read with an open mind. If you are easily offended, please do not purchase a copy.



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Two roads. One choice.

Anabella Anthony found she was alone in the world at eighteen. Early on, she made a choice; to live an ordinary life away from the lifestyle her parents preferred. However, they had plans for her; they wanted her to become a part of their choices.

All she wanted was a regular household, with normal day-to-day issues like her peers, parents she could respect, and who above anything else would accept her for the person she is. Torn between dreams that filled her mind with alluring effects and uncomfortable events which tried to sway her, she had to come to a resolution: find peace and stay true to her convictions.

Through it all, she excelled in her sport; a dedicated student who falls in love with a much older man. Will she give in to her body’s desires, or will she remain steadfast in her own choices? Can she find the courage to stand amidst the turmoil wanting to drag her down? And most importantly, will she ever forgive those who meant to harm her?

Aldrich Hagin, a lawyer, is ready to settle down. After a tragic loss, he experienced right after university he is now, more than ever, ready to move on and start a family. And then he meets a young, energetic, lively woman who turns his life and heart around. Will he be willing to sacrifice his own desires and wait?  Can he help her and be the anchor she so desperately needs? Confronted with his own decisions, the choice is his as to whether he’ll stay or leave. What will he decide?

A love story filled with decisions both have to make; to stand against all odds and remain true to oneself.


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