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Worthy to be loved


ISBN: 9781776220397

How many of us love plants and admire them, buy them from time to time, but don’t really know how to take good care of them, only to let them die of thirst or drowning it?
If you only have read the instructions, but quickly forget to keep to it, only to see how your lovely plant dies in front of your eyes, after a few weeks (money down the drain).
To have lovely, happy plants around you, you first have to become a good gardener. Only then will you have flourishing plants and see and enjoy the results.
The same goes with love. If love is not taken good care off, it will die. The instructions on how to love are stipulated in the Word of God. Read it carefully, take it to heart and use it in your daily living. You will see and enjoy the results thereof. Take responsibility and nurture your love. The more you give, the more you will receive.

Driekie Grobler – living in Pretoria. Christian Counsellor / Motivational speaker/part-time Writer and Author of several Inspirational and other Books. Part-time proofreader for other writers.
Elmarie Nienaber van Kampen – living in Newcastle in Kwa Zulu Natal, on a small holding just outside the town. Work at a pre-school in the mornings and the rest of the day and weekends, I spend time with my family and write poetry, magazine articles and other writing projects.
Isak de Lange – is living in the East Rand. Retired Human Resources and Labour Relations Practitioner, where he also gave motivational talks and did a fair amount of counselling amongst poorer and the less privileged.
Alet Tinkler – Born and bred in Kroonstad in the Free State. Married. Mother of a son and a daughter. Teacher by trade for the last 36 years. Part time and voluntary counselling in Prison and on a one to one basis. Also involved in Prison Ministry.
Nicola Tinkler – I am a graduate of North West University and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences as well as an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Sport Science, complemented by a Master’s degree. I am a full-time lecturer and Program Coordinator of the Sport Management Department at Centurion Academy in Klerksdorp. With regards to writing, I certainly do not see myself as a writer, but rather as a pen in God’s Hand. Everything that I have written so far, has been inspired by the Holy Spirit.


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The most important thing in life, to survive all the harshness we are confronted with daily, is LOVE.

Without LOVE, we are totally lost and lonely. Like a ship without a sail – out of control and vulnerable to be thrown off course and destroyed by every storm coming our way.

God, our Father, who created every one of us, knew this, and that is why He sends His only begotten SON, Jesus Christ, to become a man on earth so that He can show us HOW to LOVE. And, although they crucified Him, He still loves us dearly, and it is not His will that one person be lost.

His LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL and no matter who you are or what you did, He will ALWAYS love you.

People may hate and hurt you, they may reject you, turn their back upon you when you don’t fit into their way of doing. But they can never take God’s love away from you.




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