New Project: The Connection Series


This Series contains 6 books:
They are all in line for proofreading and editing.
All book covers are just examples of the books and not the final cover.

Book 1

A Source of Joy

Simone Stevenson, a socialite from South Africa was trapped in an abusive marriage with a well-known lawyer in South Africa. John Stevenson had a secret life that she was not aware of, but it kept them apart all of their married life.
Since a very young age, her son James dreamed to be a cowboy. Against his father’s wishes, he ended up on a Montana Ranch where the owner and his son taught him the life of a cowboy.
Tracy Marshall was the daughter of Ben Marshall with a crush on the young South African. When she needed finances, she ended on the Calloway Ranch and their love soared.
Tripp Calloway is the owner of the Calloway Ranch and widower for many years, when he met Simone Stevenson for the first time he knew the woman was meant for him but she didn’t notice him, committed to a loveless marriage and he could only love her from afar. A promise from God keeps him faithful to her, a dream of having a family.
Travis Calloway struggled with trust issues since his mother walked out on them and asked God for help after he lost the love of his life in a car accident.
Mindy Botha was a young flight attendant for the SSA and ended up in the town of Billings, Simone picked her up and brought her to the Ranch as an answer to a prayer.
All of them trust God for a breakthrough in their lives.

Book 2

Second Changes

Book 3

Wife of Nobility

Book 4

Open Heavens

Book 5

House of Mercy

Book 6




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April 9, 2021

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