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Taking Hands

Taking hands with others is vital for growth. We cannot standalone. Especially as a writer, we have to take hands.

Here you will find all the projects I was part of during the last few years.

Not only have I learned from it, but my knowledge and skills improved, that has benefited me in other areas.

In the dropdown box, you will find each project plus a summarization of what it entailed.

I am always on the lookout for new opportunities.

Send me an email at lynelle@kreativcollective.com if you have a project that I can help or contribute to.

#C001 Kontreistories Afrikaanse kortverhale R130
#C002 Spore van Genade Afrikaanse Bundel R250
#C003 Worthy to be Loved 13-Week messages R180
#C004 Etiket vir vandag Etiket en maniere R250
#C005 Skakels in ‘n Ketting 1 & 2 Dagstukkies R180 per boek
#C006 Inkspraak  Kortverhale R350
#C007 Kloof Artikels, kortverhale, sketse R250

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