Personalised recipe books.

Personalised recipe books.

Intro to the creation of the books.

If your family is like my family, then you like to eat some of grandma’s cooking. However, grandma cannot receive phone calls since WI-FI/telephone calls do not connect with heaven. Now you must phone a niece or aunt or someone that you think will have it to make it. In the end you are so tired of searching that you dream about that favourite recipe, try to make it but something is missing – you cannot figure out what.

In my family, I am the go-to aunt, sister and cousin who have everything. Then someone will hint that I must make it so, I thought no way – and who will wash the dishes afterwards, right?

So, to get this problem out of the way, I created a recipe book for all the grandchildren in the family. This has escalated to my sisters, sisters-in-law, stepchildren, etc. Even the grandsons want a book. My son loves cooking and now and then I will get a message. Please mum send me that recipe – you know, the one I liked so much.

Sounds familiar?

Here is my very first attempt at my sister’s daughter, Kaylan. What do you give a young woman that turns 16? A recipe book, of course. And it did not cost me an arm and leg.

Just like grandma, she is crazy about purple. Hence, purple will it be with grandma’s favourite and well-known recipes she can enjoy with her family one day. Or, if she is single, create a dish from the book and invite me for a feast. Then she can sit with the dishes. Clever.

I have added it into a sleeve binder for two reasons: It is neat and tidy and accidental spillage can be removed, and two she can add more recipes as time passes.

Here is the flipbook of the book. Let me know your thoughts. If interested, contact me for your very own personalised recipe book or gift. No one else will have one like this.

Pricing will differ on pages and what you want in the book. I can arrange printing or will send it to you in PDF format for your own printing choices. The book belongs to you. I have no copyright for it. 

This specific one took me two days to create and has 29 pages. Costs with printing and binder with sleeves are R300, excluding Vat and courier costs. South Africa only.

Depending on the pages/ recipes you want to add, I will forward a separate quote.

To my overseas friends, it will be sent to you in PDF format via a Google Drive link.

The more pages you want will increase the price. It is up to you and your budget.


The two flipbooks will give you a view of the inner book.



New Project: The Connection Series


This Series contains 6 books:
They are all in line for proofreading and editing.
All book covers are just examples of the books and not the final cover.

Book 1

A Source of Joy

Simone Stevenson, a socialite from South Africa was trapped in an abusive marriage with a well-known lawyer in South Africa. John Stevenson had a secret life that she was not aware of, but it kept them apart all of their married life.
Since a very young age, her son James dreamed to be a cowboy. Against his father’s wishes, he ended up on a Montana Ranch where the owner and his son taught him the life of a cowboy.
Tracy Marshall was the daughter of Ben Marshall with a crush on the young South African. When she needed finances, she ended on the Calloway Ranch and their love soared.
Tripp Calloway is the owner of the Calloway Ranch and widower for many years, when he met Simone Stevenson for the first time he knew the woman was meant for him but she didn’t notice him, committed to a loveless marriage and he could only love her from afar. A promise from God keeps him faithful to her, a dream of having a family.
Travis Calloway struggled with trust issues since his mother walked out on them and asked God for help after he lost the love of his life in a car accident.
Mindy Botha was a young flight attendant for the SSA and ended up in the town of Billings, Simone picked her up and brought her to the Ranch as an answer to a prayer.
All of them trust God for a breakthrough in their lives.

Book 2

Second Changes

Book 3

Wife of Nobility

Book 4

Open Heavens

Book 5

House of Mercy

Book 6


Love at War

Love at War

Four key areas:

  1. Pretoria, South Africa,
  2. Valetta, Malta,
  3. Fangak County, South Sudan,
  4. Iraq base camp,
  5. San Diego, America.

Four Parts:

Love in Conflict

Love’s Decisions

Love’s Betrayal

Love’s Victory

Love at War by Lynelle Clark

Genre: Christian Military Romance, Christian fiction, love story, adventure, women’s literature.

Self-published 31 March 2021

Pages 741

Paperback ISBN 9781928535140

Kindle ISBN 9781005570439

Paperback: R350 South Africa only. Excluding Postage.

CreateSpace: $24.00

Kindle $9.99 / R149.00

Payment: Direct payment to FNB, PayPal or Payoneer or visit the following websites 

Amazon / Smashwords / WebNovel / Ns. SkrywershuisGoodreads

The history of Love at War:

The birth of Love at War has a long story which began back in 2012 as a short story. This short story has grown and to date has 106k words.

At that stage, the story had a different name as well and was far from what it has become.

This story has grown with me and went through every stage I went through since its birth. The principal character has grown from a furious woman moved by her physical desires to a woman of substance.

When we meet Sonia Main for the first time, she is a woman battered and abused. The streets a very dangerous place for any woman. When the opportunity comes to make something of herself, she takes it with both hands. And so she lands years later in South Sudan. This is where the story begins in all seriousness and we meet Curt McGee.

Colonel Curt McGee is stationed in Iraq and has his own demons to fight. Being far from home, he feels he is losing his family back at home. Once he receives very upsetting news from home, his world, as he knows it, changes.


Website Book Quotes by Lynelle Clark


Their enemies tried to outsmart them. Obedience their only defence.

Whisked to picturesque Valletta, a lonely nurse met her soul connection. It set the bar in a stirring plot of spiritual and physical survival as a determined warlord in Africa and a cunning wife in America trapped them. The healing sands of Iraq, their only hope.

Passionate about her work, war-torn South Sudan offered Sonia Main peace. When a man from her past confronted her once more, she had a choice to make. A choice that would influence her life.

Could Sonia let go of the past and see a new future?

Would her dreams continue to haunt her? Or would the warm sun of Africa burn away her fears?

Curt McGee was a man bound by honour and duty. It took him away from home for long periods of time.

Caught in infidelity, Curt’s wife’s thinking left him astounded, shocked even. His children prey to an unthinkable enemy.

Would he get beyond his wife’s betrayal?

Could he save his children?

What decisions should he make?

Co-workers devised a plan: book a flight to enjoy a weekend on Malta. An island in the Mediterranean Sea that offered tranquillity and peace to weary souls.

Here, two worlds connect, and the result would change them both for eternity.

Meeting by chance, love confronted them, a love so great that they could not deny it. But time played a trick and demanded a price. A price so high that it would strip them of everything before they could experience the joy of a future.

Obedience was better than sacrifice, revealed the pages of the Holy book. Would they yield or follow their own way?

They could not run or hide from the onslaught. Their enemies’ attacks growing in intensity. Crafty tricks added to the confusion, their fears real. It stripped them of their hopes and dreams. They could only go one way.

When Tau Gbadamosi met Sonia, he had a tough time to understand his feelings. War ravished his country. The enormous plight for help too great for one man or one fight. Faced with loyalty, he had to decide. A decision that would cost him. Would he fail the test?

Africa’s hopes and dreams burned brightly in the harsh African sun. Poverty and lack the driving force for many ‘do-gooders’. It left the continent in a starving grip. But when a warlord sets his sight on the Red Cross nurse, all hell broke loose. No one could stand in his way.

Only God could stop him.

Lover of my soul

Oh, my Sovereign Lord,

I bless your Holy name.

Your Kingdom is eternal

Your words are priceless as pearls.

Your favour is beyond any riches.

Oh Lord, my Father,

Perfect is your timing.

Measured in seconds, time’s algorithm captures infinity within each movement. Worlds changes and fragments become relics. Fashioning a new set of rules to profit from your only choice.


Key Characters in the book

  1. Interview with Sonia Main: Red Cross Nurse, based in South Sudan,
  2. Curt McGee: Colonel in the USA military, stationed in Iraq,
  3. Tau Gbadamosi: second-in-command of DFA, South Sudan,
  4. Roger Gisemba: Leader of the DFA – Democratic Freedom Alliance. Better known as Haji – Father,
  5. Jillian McGee: daughter of Curt McGee, student.
Supporting characters as they appear in the book.
  1. Director of nursing Sally van der Walt: South Africa.
  2. Director of nursing Haleema Nyanath: head of hospital in Bentiu, South Sudan,
  3. Major Brady Scott: United Nations representative,
  4. Sergeant Doug Clark,
  5. Vivian McGee: wife of Curt McGee.
  6. Chaplain Phillip Burger,
  7. Neil Davies: entrepreneur and lover.
  8. Harriet Davies: Neil Davies’ wife,
  9. TJ Cummings charged with murder.
  10. Kwame Okiro.
  11. Baaka Gisemba: Roger Gisemba’s wife.
  12. Mark McGee: Curt’s son with his own secrets.
  13. Markus and Janette Kent, Vivian McGee’s parents.
  14. Lt Timothy Blackwell.
  15. Lawyer: Chris Norton.
Stationed in Iraq:
  1. Staff sergeant Doug Clark: aid to Colonel Curt McGee.
  2. Phillip Burger, South African Chaplain Corps. Curt’s best friend,
  3. Staff Sergeant Brock Castledale, US soldier,
  4. Sam Gerber: Black ops expert,
  5. Alexi Krasnorada: Black ops expert.
  6. Major Franco Turmel: Acting commander in Curt’s absences.
  7. Corporal Charlie Alvarez.
  8. Corporal Ellis.
Medics at base:
  1. Nurse Anna Stalin, Poland,
  2. Dr Brett Rogers: psychologist.
  3. Dr Armand Jourdain,
  4. Captain Bogart,
  5. Alrich Estie from the Netherlands, Peter Blake from the United States, and Anna Stalin from Poland. Three Africans and one African American: Wayne Morris, Michelle West, Tumi Abara and Leonard Ndlovu, a young man from Swaziland. Two Indians, Amoli Khatri and Vasudha Balakrishnan from Delhi, one from Taiwan: Akemi Huang, one from Jamaica, Brantly Shaw and a Chinese woman, He Liu.
  6. Lee Ann Buys: New nurse at camp and old friend of Sonia Main.


Worthy to be Loved

Worthy to be Loved


ISBN: 9781776220397

Copyright ©: DJG PROJEKTE


Email: djgprojekte@gmail.com

First Print: 2019

Contributors to the project:

Driekie Grobler (Project Coordinator ),

How many of us love plants and admire them, buy them from time to time, but don’t really know how to take good care of them, only to let them die of thirst or drowning it?
If you only have read the instructions, but quickly forget to keep to it, only to see how your lovely plant dies in front of your eyes, after a few weeks (money down the drain).
To have lovely, happy plants around you, you first have to become a good gardener. Only then will you have flourishing plants and see and enjoy the results.
The same goes with love. If love is not taken good care off, it will die. The instructions on how to love are stipulated in the Word of God. Read it carefully, take it to heart and use it in your daily living. You will see and enjoy the results thereof. Take responsibility and nurture your love. The more you give, the more you will receive.


For a paperback order with contributing authors or with me at lynelle@kreativcollectiv.com or

Groep 7 Drukkers en Uitgewers CC, Pretoria,

Website: www.groep7.co.za

Contact: email@groep7.co.za


The most important thing in life, to survive all the harshness we are confronted with daily, is LOVE.

Without LOVE we are totally lost and lonely. Like a ship without a sail – out of control and vulnerable to be thrown off course and destroyed by every storm coming our way.

God, our Father, who created every one of us, knew this, and that is why He send His only begotten SON, Jesus Christ, to became man on earth, so that He can show us HOW to LOVE. And, although they crucified Him, He still loves us dearly and it is not His will that one person be lost.

His LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL and no matter who you are of what you did, He will ALWAYS love you.

People may hate and hurt you, they may reject you, turn their back upon you when you don’t fit into their way of doing. But they can never take God’s love away from you.




Juweel van die Oosgrens

Juweel van die Oosgrens

 Koerier: Paxi R60 / Aramex R99 / Postnet R99

Titel – Juweel van die Oosgrens

Skrywer – Lynelle Clark

Genre – Geskiedkundige roman

Bladsye 244

Gedrukte Boek: 978-0-620-90279-3

Kindle: 978-0-620-90280-9

Verkrygbaar by Amazon / Smashwords en direk by skrywer lynelle@kreativcollectiv.com.


Die mengsel van tale het ʼn groot rol gespeel in die skepping van die taal wat ons vandag ken. Afrikaans is gevorm in die warm kombuise en wye vlaktes van ons mooi land en het vir vele interessante oomblikke gesorg.

1815 is gekenmerk deur aanpassings, afstande en onluste. In die midde hiervan het Celeste Reyneke geleef. Op haar agtiende verjaarsdag verander haar lewe dramaties en eindig op in ‘n
gerieflikheidshuwelik. Twee jaar later moet sy die wêreld weer alleen in die gesig staar en beland op die Oosgrens. Die tweejaar-lange huwelik was alles behalwe maanskyn en rose en eindig traumaties. Ontnugterd volg sy die pad die binneland in.

Celeste het grootgeword in die Kaap van Storms met ʼn oop gemoed en lus vir die lewe. Sy kon lees en skryf en het ʼn ‘beroep’ gehad. Vir haar het dit natuurlik gekom om die tyd en reëls te verander soos wat die geleentheid hom voorgedoen het. Haar unieke talente kom dadelik op die voorgrond en gou besef mense sy is ʼn aanwins vir die gemeenskap. Maar sy het ook die koppe laat draai. Met die tekort aan vroue en haar natuurlike skoonheid trek sy die aandag.

Barend Olivier, die toonbeeld van manlikheid en dapperheid, is op soek na ʼn vrou wat sal aanpas by sy lewe aan die Oosgrens. Tydens ʼn tweeweke-lange patrollie leer die twee mekaar ken. Maar die pad is lank, warm en rof en ʼn man kan net so lank van ʼn aantreklike vrou af wegbly voor die
fisiese begeertes oorneem. Sal hulle betyds ʼn prediker kan vind?

Die belangrikste vraag is: Sal Celeste hom toelaat om haar lief te hê?

Ek nooi jou om saam met my op hierdie reis te gaan en nie net die spanning van hierdie tydperk te ervaar nie, maar ook die romanse te vind in die grasvlaktes van ons mooi land.


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