The Connection Series

Note from the Author

Although this is a work of fiction, the Biblical truths and principles remain true. If you want your life to change, you must stay in the guidelines of the Written Word and be obedient and patient to that revelation. I have written this series from 2009 to 2011. It helped me to stay focus on what God was doing in our lives, always remembering that He is still in control even if it made little sense. Many of the Biblical truths I used are what God gave us during this migrating process. I hope it will help you too in your own process. As a son of God, you are not governed by the laws of the Old Testament, but by the Law written in your heart. The incorruptible Living Word. It is not enough to say you are a Christian. Or use it as a title, but to live according to the word birthed with in you during your new birth and baptism in the Holy Spirit. These two aspects are necessary to receive understanding and to stay in obedience through the knowledge of the Written Word. Each one of us is confronted with choices, and it is up to us to choose correctly. Each leading to a different path. At first, it may seem that life leads to death, but when you stick with the Word, you will be resurrected. For each, the length of that path differs, but we need to stay focus on the doctrine of the Word, the fellowship of the brethren, the breaking of bread and prayer. Without these four pillars, you cannot experience the fullness promised by Christ. I still walk on the road every day. May you too find peace between the pages of the Written Word. I bless you and wish you peace. Lynelle, Ephesians 1:11-23.

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Book 1

A Source of Joy

Simone Stevenson, a socialite from South Africa, was trapped in an abusive marriage with a well-known lawyer. John Stevenson had a secret life that she was not aware of, but it kept them apart all of their married life.
Since a very young age, her son James dreamed of being a cowboy. Against his father’s wishes, he ends up on a Montana Ranch where the owner and his son teach him about ranch life. In return, he devotes his life to become a better man as he rubs off on the father and son pair.
Tracy Marshall is the daughter of Ben Marshall with a crush on the young South African. In need of an extra income, she ends up on the Calloway Ranch and their love has time to blossom.
Tripp Calloway is the owner of the Calloway Ranch and divorced. When he met Simone Stevenson for the first time, he knows they were meant to be together, but she didn’t notice him. Committed to a loveless marriage, he could only love her from afar. A promise from God keeps him faithful to her, a dream of having a family still vibrant in his mind.
Travis Calloway has trust issues since his mother walked out on them. After an enormous loss, he asks God for help. Trust his only solace.
Mindy Botha was a young flight attendant for the SSA and ends up in Billings. Simone brings her to the Ranch as an answer to a prayer.
All of them trust God for a breakthrough in their lives. Will they listen or will life take its course and ran wild through them? How will the decisions now affect their futures later?

Bible verses used

The story of Abigail and David: 1 Samuel 26

Isaac and Rebecca: Genesis 24

Covenant Meal

Luke 24:13 - 53

John 6:26 – 58

1 Corinthians 10:16-22

Wait on the Lord

Psalms 33:20

Psalms 40:1

Psalms 130:6

Isaiah 64:4


Hebrews 11:1



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