Projects & Collaborations

Projects & Collaborations

Taking Hands

Taking hands with others is vital for growth. We cannot standalone. Especially as a writer, we have to take hands.

Here you will find all the projects I was part of during the last few years.

Not only have I learned from it, but my knowledge and skills improved, that has benefited me in other areas.

In the dropdown box, you will find each project plus a summarization of what it entailed.

I am always on the lookout for new opportunities.

Send me an email at lynelle@kreativcollective.com if you have a project that I can help or contribute to.

#C001 Kontreistories Afrikaanse kortverhale R130
#C002 Spore van Genade Afrikaanse Bundel R250
#C003 Worthy to be Loved 13-Week messages R180
#C004 Etiket vir vandag Etiket en maniere R250
#C005 Skakels in ‘n Ketting 1 & 2 Dagstukkies R180 per boek
#C006 Inkspraak  Kortverhale R350
#C007 Kloof Artikels, kortverhale, sketse R250
#C008 Gebed vir ‘n Boer Gebede, Kortverhale, getuienisse.
Love at War

Love at War

Four key areas:

  1. Pretoria, South Africa,
  2. Valetta, Malta,
  3. Fangak County, South Sudan,
  4. Iraq base camp,
  5. San Diego, America.

Four Parts:

Love in Conflict

Love's Decisions

Love's Betrayal

Love's Victory

Key Characters in the book

  1. Interview with Sonia Main: Red Cross Nurse, based in South Sudan,
  2. Curt McGee: Colonel in the USA military, stationed in Iraq,
  3. Tau Gbadamosi: second-in-command of DFA, South Sudan,
  4. Roger Gisemba: Leader of the DFA - Democratic Freedom Alliance. Better known as Haji - Father,
  5. Jillian McGee: daughter of Curt McGee, student.
Supporting characters as they appear in the book.
  1. Director of nursing Sally van der Walt: South Africa.
  2. Director of nursing Haleema Nyanath: head of hospital in Bentiu, South Sudan,
  3. Major Brady Scott: United Nations representative,
  4. Sergeant Doug Clark,
  5. Vivian McGee: wife of Curt McGee.
  6. Chaplain Phillip Burger,
  7. Neil Davies: entrepreneur and lover.
  8. Harriet Davies: Neil Davies' wife,
  9. TJ Cummings charged with murder.
  10. Kwame Okiro.
  11. Baaka Gisemba: Roger Gisemba's wife.
  12. Mark McGee: Curt’s son with his own secrets.
  13. Markus and Janette Kent, Vivian McGee's parents.
  14. Lt Timothy Blackwell.
  15. Lawyer: Chris Norton.
Stationed in Iraq:
  1. Staff sergeant Doug Clark: aid to Colonel Curt McGee.
  2. Phillip Burger, South African Chaplain Corps. Curt's best friend,
  3. Staff Sergeant Brock Castledale, US soldier,
  4. Sam Gerber: Black ops expert,
  5. Alexi Krasnorada: Black ops expert.
  6. Major Franco Turmel: Acting commander in Curt’s absences.
  7. Corporal Charlie Alvarez.
  8. Corporal Ellis.
Medics at base:
  1. Nurse Anna Stalin, Poland,
  2. Dr Brett Rogers: psychologist.
  3. Dr Armand Jourdain,
  4. Captain Bogart,
  5. Alrich Estie from the Netherlands, Peter Blake from the United States, and Anna Stalin from Poland. Three Africans and one African American: Wayne Morris, Michelle West, Tumi Abara and Leonard Ndlovu, a young man from Swaziland. Two Indians, Amoli Khatri and Vasudha Balakrishnan from Delhi, one from Taiwan: Akemi Huang, one from Jamaica, Brantly Shaw and a Chinese woman, He Liu.
  6. Lee Ann Buys: New nurse at camp and old friend of Sonia Main.


A devotional workbook is available for free that you can download. It includes the first chapter of the book, with questions and prayer to guide you on your own path of spiritual growth. 

Love at War by Lynelle Clark

Genre: Christian Military Romance, Christian fiction, love story, adventure, women’s literature.

Self-published 31 March 2021

Pages 741

Paperback ISBN 9781928535140

Kindle ISBN 9781005570439

Paperback: R330 South Africa only. Excluding Postage.

CreateSpace: $24.00

Kindle $4.99 / R50.00

Payment: Direct payment to FNB, PayPal or Payoneer or visit the following websites 

Amazon / Smashwords / WebNovel / Ns. SkrywershuisGoodreads

The history of Love at War:

The birth of Love at War has a long story which began back in 2012 as a short story. This short story has grown and to date has 106k words.

At that stage, the story had a different name as well and was far from what it has become.

This story has grown with me and went through every stage I went through since its birth. The principal character has grown from a furious woman moved by her physical desires to a woman of substance.

When we meet Sonia Main for the first time, she is a woman battered and abused. The streets a very dangerous place for any woman. When the opportunity comes to make something of herself, she takes it with both hands. And so she lands years later in South Sudan. This is where the story begins in all seriousness and we meet Curt McGee.

Colonel Curt McGee is stationed in Iraq and has his own demons to fight. Being far from home, he feels he is losing his family back at home. Once he receives very upsetting news from home, his world, as he knows it, changes.



Their enemies tried to outsmart them. Obedience their only defence.

Whisked to picturesque Valletta, a lonely nurse met her soul connection. It set the bar in a stirring plot of spiritual and physical survival as a determined warlord in Africa and a cunning wife in America trapped them. The healing sands of Iraq, their only hope.

Passionate about her work, war-torn South Sudan offered Sonia Main peace. When a man from her past confronted her once more, she had a choice to make. A choice that would influence her life.

Could Sonia let go of the past and see a new future?

Would her dreams continue to haunt her? Or would the warm sun of Africa burn away her fears?

Curt McGee was a man bound by honour and duty. It took him away from home for long periods of time.

Caught in infidelity, Curt's wife’s thinking left him astounded, shocked even. His children prey to an unthinkable enemy.

Would he get beyond his wife's betrayal?

Could he save his children?

What decisions should he make?

Co-workers devised a plan: book a flight to enjoy a weekend on Malta. An island in the Mediterranean Sea that offered tranquillity and peace to weary souls.

Here, two worlds connect, and the result would change them both for eternity.

Meeting by chance, love confronted them, a love so great that they could not deny it. But time played a trick and demanded a price. A price so high that it would strip them of everything before they could experience the joy of a future.

Obedience was better than sacrifice, revealed the pages of the Holy book. Would they yield or follow their own way?

They could not run or hide from the onslaught. Their enemies' attacks growing in intensity. Crafty tricks added to the confusion, their fears real. It stripped them of their hopes and dreams. They could only go one way.

When Tau Gbadamosi met Sonia, he had a tough time to understand his feelings. War ravished his country. The enormous plight for help too great for one man or one fight. Faced with loyalty, he had to decide. A decision that would cost him. Would he fail the test?

Africa's hopes and dreams burned brightly in the harsh African sun. Poverty and lack the driving force for many ‘do-gooders’. It left the continent in a starving grip. But when a warlord sets his sight on the Red Cross nurse, all hell broke loose. No one could stand in his way.

Only God could stop him.

Lover of my soul

Oh, my Sovereign Lord,

I bless your Holy name.

Your Kingdom is eternal

Your words are priceless as pearls.

Your favour is beyond any riches.

Oh Lord, my Father,

Perfect is your timing.

Measured in seconds, time’s algorithm captures infinity within each movement. Worlds changes and fragments become relics. Fashioning a new set of rules to profit from your only choice.


Blood Mines

Blood Mines

Book: Blood Mines
Author: Lynelle Clark
Pages: 300
E-book Created in 2017
ISBN: 978-0-620-78336-1(e-book)
Printed Book Created in 2017
ISBN: 978-1-928434-52-8

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Tanya’s life was turned upside down when her son, Steve was attacked by renegades and she had to dig deep facing her worst fear to save them both.
It is the year 2048, 30 years after a devastating quake had changed Gauteng’s geographic features. The effects of the acid water, that covered most of the area, was visible to everyone but the government. The silent death crawling closer leaving devastation in its path.
Nothing is excluded from the terror.
Tanya and Steve’s path of survival meet up with the rebels in their search for clean water, and she had to face much more than just acid water to stay alive.
A thrilling story of courage and survival.



Excerpt 1:

Excerpt 2

Why did I write Blood Mines?

I wrote this book during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November 2014. The topic is a very serious topic within the borders of my country: The devastation it causes and the ignorance of the government makes this a very real threat in the province where I live.

Due to its rich mineral, gold, diamond and coal resources, most of Gauteng’s earth crust are hollowed out in man-made tunnels that run for kilometres underground, snaking its way from the east to the west and from the north to the south. Tremors can often be felt when the earth shakes under its weight. These tunnels link towns and cities together and everywhere you go you will see its evidence above ground in towers of steel rising high into the sky, man-made mountains that dot the horizon and craters where huge trucks run with more earth they have removed.

When I signed up for the month-long challenge to write an entire manuscript, I had no idea what to write at first. There were so many topics I always wanted to write about. Nothing stood out until I remembered a story about an uncle and aunt who lost their farm because of contaminated acidic water.

I cannot recall just what reminded me of that dark time in their lives but I did some research and learnt about the actual impact this had on them. It is a permanent hazard to human and animal alike in the larger parts of Gauteng. From there on the story seemed to write itself and soon a futuristic story developed. That gave me a much bigger scope to write about and here we are, with you reading the end product: A futuristic book filled with suspense, and also my first.

I have to thank NaNoWriMo for this. It challenges you to do the impossible: 50 000 words in 30 days and motivates you to keep your focus on the draft once you are part of the team.

I also want to thank Leon Swart for his input, Isak de Lange and Elsabe de Beer for the proofreading of this book, and Manuela Cardiga: She just has the gift of knowing exactly what I wanted in the book’s cover and created something beautiful in just a day.

But most of all, I want to thank Isak, my life partner, who supported me from the moment we met. Also, thank you to my children, who are always in the background while I am writing away, and my father for just being Dad.

Without all the support and encouragement, the book would not have seen the daylight, and I am eternally grateful to every person who shares this life with me.






Blood Mines is full of pain, desperate hope and a need to survive. A blink of the reality of life currently in South Africa combined with fiction and romance. It is definitely not for sensitive readers for it is an eye opener for reversed racism and the possible outcome of it. Where current generations have to suffer for their forefather's mistakes even if they want to live in harmony and peace. I have to say Blood Mines had me in tears and in a desperate feeling to reach out. The author had the ability to mirror the emotions and the physical pain up to a tee.
A must read, but be prepared to be confronted with harsh reality and the imagination of the author's prospects for the future.                                                   Corri Badenhorst


The part that came across as convincing was the love of a mother for her son. The plot twist that brings our female to the pivotal farm or small holding is interesting but not very logical.
Unfortunately the plot, though not meant to be also comes across as insensitive to me, a native to this country. Still, to broaden your pov. This is the ideal book to do it with. It has a lot going for it, the Afrikaans culture and usage of terms to name but a few.                                                                                                                                                                  Wanda Hartzenberg


This story has an interesting and potentially realistic premise. The region of Gauteng in South Africa is heavily mined, with the threat of earthquakes due to the depths of said mines. The author has taken this fact and written a post-apocalyptic nightmare. I found myself completely hooked for most of the story. Told through the eyes of Tanya, I did find some of the plot a little far fetched at times; especially some of the scenes when the mutated animals appear, though this did get me wondering if there was some radioactivity going on rather than just cyanide poisoning, or other toxic chemicals causing the mutations. However, this is only my personal opinion. Other readers may not have this response. Another niggle I had with this story was how quickly the main protagonist trusted complete strangers, as well as how quickly the love interest grew between herself and Dirk. I can understand instant attraction, but insta-love? Not so much. Another pet peeve of mine is the use of terms of endearment like sweetie, honey, or love (and many others) in a derogatory way. I don't know if this is what the author intended when she wrote the story, but I found these terms to be degrading and made me want to punch the characters for using these terms in a sarcastic or patronising way. Maybe it's just a colloquial language difference. Who knows?                                                                                                                                                                                   Lynn Worton


“Set in a post-apocalyptic South Africa of 2048, where corruption, pollution and vigilante militia are rife, Tanya and son Steve are attacked on their rapidly deteriorating farmstead.Water is scarce, contaminated by cyanide and other chemicals over spilling from abandoned mining operations, exacerbated by earthquakes. She and her son are rescued by a group of individuals known as The Phantoms (much like Fremen in “Dune”, stockpiling underground lakes of fresh water).There are unexpected plot twists and turns, as Tanya strives to help the Phantoms uncover more water caches, but it quickly becomes clear that greed is a bigger driving force than altruism, and no-one can be trusted.I share most of Lynn Worton’s concerns about the book, especially the irritating terms of endearment, but take my hat off to author Lynelle Clark for completing this story as part of a challenge to write a 50k word story in 30 days.I read the entire story in one sitting and enjoyed it, despite my aversion to this genre, and didn’t find it a chore. So, all in all, a riveting read.”                              Scott Richards


Bella’s Choice

Bella’s Choice


Bella’s Choice by Lynelle Clark

Self-published in 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Editor: Sandra Valetta

Kindle ISBN: 978-0-620-58843-0


Two roads. One choice.

Anabella Anthony found she was alone in the world at eighteen. Early on, she made a choice; to live an ordinary life away from the lifestyle her parents preferred. However, they had plans for her; they wanted her to become a part of their choices.

All she wanted was a regular household, with normal day to day issues like her peers, parents she could respect, and who above anything else would accept her for the person she is. Torn between dreams that filled her mind with alluring effects and uncomfortable events which tried to sway her, she had to come to a resolution: find peace and stay true to her convictions.

Through it all, she excelled in her sport; a dedicated student who falls in love with a much older man. Will she give in to her body's desires, or will she remain steadfast in her own choices? Can she find the courage to stand amidst the turmoil wanting to drag her down? And most importantly, will she ever forgive those who meant to harm her?

Aldrich Hagin, a lawyer, is ready to settle down. After a tragic loss he experienced right after university he is now, more than ever, ready to move on and start a family. And then he meets a young, energetic, lively woman who turns his life and heart around. Will he be willing to sacrifice his own desires and wait?  Can he help her and be the anchor she so desperately needs? Confronted with his own decisions, the choice is his as to whether he’ll stay or leave. What will he decide?

A love story filled with decisions both have to make; to stand against all odds and remain true to oneself.

About the Author:

Lynelle Clark lives in Gauteng, South Africa. Her writing career began in 2010. Lynelle has always loved to read books, in which she discovers new worlds. Meeting new people and travelling is one of her passions. So far, the writing journey has been exciting, but it helps that she loves the whole process from beginning to end.

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What one reviewer said:

"This is an emotional tale, a love story, about forgiveness which compelled me to keep reading. I was hoping things would work out in the end. There were so many turns that I didn't see coming. Nothing was obvious and the suspense was compelling me to read at a fast pace. Highly recommend."

Bella's Choice

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