I can compare a book to life.

It is the continuous shape of a story until it satisfy you with the result. The reason many writers get a god complex after a while. You are in charge of fictitious characters’ lives. Giving them obstacles to overcome and goals to reach. As in life, they try to steer the story away from the goal. At times it works, and at times it doesn’t. In the end, you get to the place you want to be with some crafty twists.

Love at War is very close to my heart. I could see its progress as a direct relationship with my life. Its beginnings traced back to 2011.

It has endured many changes, rewriting, edits and feedback. It was cut, divided into a series, combined into one again with a lot of emptiness in between where I first had to grow before I could complete the story. I can say with absolute truth it has stood the test of time.

It is a love story but touches many topics within the 600 pages. Yes I know, it is a lot but pertinent to the story… believe me.

Inside the book.

An Inspirational love story and women’s fiction

Faith is the underlining thread that keeps the story going – I had to understand the lessons first before I could apply it in the book.

This book is not for a sensitive reader: rape and abuse feature. I have softened it considerably but we see the humiliating act for what it is. The question is could the character overcome the devastation? How did she do it?

I also touched abuse in the military. Highlighted by our fears and shortcomings there are still people that think that they can control what happens with a woman’s body. It leaves devastation on its path. If people do not speak up it will remain a problem.

Abortion is another topic and an important element to the story. Each woman has the right to a choice. What it does to a person seldom talked about.

I filled it with adventure and interesting characters to help the plot along. A story where love will be tested.


Christian fiction, love story, adventure, women’s literature, abusive relationships, abduction, abduction rape, abuse and rape, abuse in military, abuse issues, adventure book, adventure love, reproductive rights.

Kindle ISBN 978 1 005570 43 9 at $9.99


Love at War


Their enemies tried to outsmart them. Obedience their only defence.

Whisked to picturesque Valetta, a lonely nurse met her soul connection. It set the bar in a stirring plot of spiritual and physical survival as a determined warlord in Africa and a cunning wife in America trapped them. The healing sands of Iraq, their only hope.

Passionate about her work, war-torn South Sudan offered Sonia Main peace. When a man from her past confronted her once more, she had a choice to make. A choice that would influence her life.

Could Sonia let go of the past and see a new future?

Would her dreams continue to haunt her? Or would the warm sun of Africa burn away her fears?

Curt McGee was a man bound by honour and duty. It took him away from home for long periods of time.

Caught in infidelity, Curt’s wife’s thinking left him astounded, shocked even. His children prey to an unthinkable enemy.

Would he get beyond his wife’s betrayal?

Could he save his children?

What decisions should he make?

Co-workers devised a plan: book a flight to enjoy a weekend in Malta. An island in the Mediterranean Sea that offered tranquillity and peace to weary souls.

Here, two worlds connect, and the result would change them both for eternity.

Meeting by chance, love confronted them, a love so great that they could not deny it. But time played a trick and demanded a price. A price so high that it would strip them of everything before they could experience the joy of a future.

Obedience was better than sacrifice, revealed the pages of the Holy Book. Would they yield or follow their own way?

They could not run or hide from the onslaught. Their enemies’ attacks growing in intensity. Crafty tricks added to the confusion, their fears real. It stripped them of their hopes and dreams. They could only go one way.

When Tau Gbadamosi met Sonia, he had a tough time understanding his feelings. War ravished his country. The enormous plight for help too great for one man or one fight. Faced with loyalty, he had to decide. A decision that would cost him. Would he fail the test?

Africa’s hopes and dreams burned brightly in the harsh African sun. Poverty and lack the driving force for many ‘do-gooders’. It left the continent in a starving grip. But when a warlord sets his sight on the Red Cross nurse, all hell broke loose. No one could stand in his way.

Only God could stop him.

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I want to thank each person who has worked with me on this book:

Beta readers: Isak de Lange, Alta van Zyl, Magdel Roets, Tony Nordin, husband of author Ruth Ann Nordin – who helped me with all the military questions,

Proof reader Magda De Korte for bringing her knowledge to the many pages. Your professionalism and eye for detail helped to shape the story.

I also want to thank Odette Clark for her advice during the make of the video and book cover.

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