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The 12 week course is a manual that will take you through the process of creativity.


  1. Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy: pure creative energy.
  2. There is an underlying, in-dwelling creative force infusing all of life—including ourselves.
  3. When we open ourselves to our creativity, we open ourselves to the creator's creativity within us and our lives.
  4. We are, ourselves, creations. It means that we should continue creativity by being creative ourselves.
  5. Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.
  6. The refusal to be creative is self-will and is counter to our true nature.
  7. When we open ourselves to exploring our creativity, we open ourselves to God: good orderly direction.
  8. As we open our creative channel to the creator, many gentle but powerful changes can be expected.
  9. It is safe to open ourselves up to greater and greater creativity.
  10. Our creative dreams and yearnings come from a divine source. As we move toward our dreams, we move toward our divinity.

The purpose of art is not a rarefied, intellectual distillate—it is life, intensified, brilliant life.


What to expect during this journey.

While there is no quick fix for instant, pain-free creativity, creative recovery (or discovery) is a teachable, trackable spiritual process. Each of us is complex and highly individual, yet there are common recognizable denominators to the creative recovery process.

  • Working with this process, I experienced a certain amount of defiance and giddiness in the first few weeks. This entry stage is followed closely by explosive anger in the course’s midsection.
  • The anger is followed by grief, then alternating waves of resistance and hope.
  • This peaks-and-valleys phase of growth becomes a series of expansions and contractions, a birthing process in which students experience intense elation and defensive scepticism.
  • This choppy growth phase is followed by a strong urge to abandon the process and return to life as we know it. In other words, a bargaining period.


“People are often tempted to abandon the course at this point. I call this a creative U-turn.”

Julia Cameron

  • Recommitment to the process triggers the free-fall of a major ego surrender.
  • Following this, the last phase of the course is characterized by a new sense of self marked by increased autonomy, resilience, expectancy, and excitement—and by the capacity to make and execute concrete creative plans.
Time wasted is being untruthful to myself.
  • If this sounds like a lot of emotional tumult, it is. When we engage in a creativity recovery, we enter a withdrawal from life as we know it.



Many people are born leaders but never receive the opportunity or recognition for work done. Many are not even allowed the freedom to be authentic. And to be honest, you still lack that WOW aspect that will propel you to higher heights. Especially into your craft of choice. The reason you stumbled on my website or joined my news feed

There are many careers that allow you the freedom of creativity. Yet you feel stuck and not appreciated. Whatever the case, maybe you are here, searching for that WOW aspect. For many, it is hard to define for others the most obvious thing. But for you it is lingering in the background, and you are unsure how to tap into it without some guidance or even for confirmation of your feelings.

We are all created in the image of God; therefore, we can create. Our interests and passions make this clear when the topic comes up, you light up. In return, you will receive the peace you crave.

Maybe you have done nothing before according to what you understand is creativity and have this intense desire to create, but never find the outlet or time to do so. It remains on your dream board/to-do-list/new year's resolution. If that is you, then you are at the right place.

Even when I was a homemaker for nineteen years and did many things in that period, I was unsatisfied. To pass the time I baked, cooked, canned, painted, studies the bible, did gardening, meditated, connected with people through church, was a taxi-mum, helped with schoolwork, paid the bills—in short: a jack-of-all-trades but still I felt I missed out. The closest I came to being satisfied with my life was when I home-schooled my children. My creativity was peaked, my curiosity stimulated and my yearning to do more than just housework satisfied. During that five-year period, I could be myself, relax and enjoy the path before me. With the freedom of imparting into them while I learned. I became self-disciplined in the tasks laid upon me. Took my role as mother and teacher seriously and fully committed to all three. Once my children moved on, I became stuck with the normal everyday life of being a homemaker, again. There were no challenges or opportunities for creativity.

The following year we began a business which pleased my adventurous spirit. I learned about computers, cell phones and the basic understanding of electronics. It had felt as if a new world had opened, as I added new skills to my curriculum vitae. I was proud of my accomplishments, and it gave me a sense of freedom. Six years later it all collapsed, and I was back at square one.

The question always unanswered. Why do I constantly feel I am missing something?

After a time of searching, sometimes in the wrong places, I met up with a previous mentor and friend in early 2020, who encouraged me to connect with God once more. During that same time period, I discovered The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, and it finally fitted together as a gigantic puzzle. I was getting somewhere. Connecting with my spiritual side, which was dormant for many years, I understood that the two walk together. Through the morning pages, my inner child was re-introduced to me, which revealed my creative path.

During a Life Coaching course, I discovered some core beliefs that kept me blocked. Once it became unblocked, I became receptive to creativity. Once I faced theses blocks small synchronicities happened which opened me for bolder steps.

The reason it blocks you is that you believe in half-truths which cause you to put off till next year. Till we shift it to the back. We drown the creative voice and tell it to be still.

Once we submit to the Source, it reveals the power of creativity. I call it Source because I don't just want to reach Christian believers, but all people. We all believe in a Higher Power, what we call it doesn't matter. What does matter, is that the connection between you, your Source and your creativity is vital for your growth. Once that is sorted you can create effortlessly: no matter the medium you choose.

Whether it is to create beautiful sculptures, icing on cake, barista, architect, writer, screenwriter, mother, father, entrepreneur, or the CEO of a big company, you can put your creativity to good use and experience the freedom of the river to flow with ease.

Creativity Implies: The Possibility of Personal Accountability.

"You mean if I have these gifts, I'm supposed to use them?" Yes.

"Creative power is mightier than its possessor."

C.G. Jung

The heart of creativity is an experience of the mystical union; the heart of the mystical union is an experience of creativity. Those who speak in spiritual terms routinely refer to God as the creator but seldom see creator as the literal term for artist. I am suggesting you take the term creator literally. You are seeking to forge a creative alliance, artist-to-artist with the Great Creator. Accepting this concept can expand your creative possibilities.

Creativity is an experience — a spiritual experience. It does not matter how you think of it: creativity leading to spirituality or spirituality leading to creativity. In fact, I do not distinguish between the two. Faced with such experience, it renders the whole question of belief obsolete.

As Carl Jung answered the question of belief late in his life, "I don't believe; I know."

It is this knowing that we are after. When I know, I am. We learn this principle within the scriptures. When truth becomes yours, you don't quote someone else, you speak now with conviction.

"Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth."

Rumi, The Essential Rumi

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The 12 week course is a manual that will take you through the process of creativity.

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