A cluttered mind cannot be filled with new thoughts. In Christianity, miracles cannot follow unbelieve. So it is safe to say that if you do not renew your mind you will not grow.
It works the same with our creative mind. A cluttered mind cannot create freely. Our minds must become uncluttered.
The reason that many struggles with blocks. These blocks manifest itself in depression, lies we tell ourselves, busyness, sticking our nose where it does not belong, tiredness and much more. It is then that we fall back on a coping mechanism that dulls the emotions, fears and senses. But this is only a short-lived way until it catches up with us. When in fact all we had to do was to change our thoughts.
This is especially true when you are required to take the next step in your creative path. In order to grow as an artist, we have to take stock of our thoughts, patterns and core beliefs to progress. Adjustments have to be made to excel. We can never stay the same.
God will take you just as you are but in order to become stronger and Christ-like, you have to change. Likewise, it is the same in your creativity. No matter your belief. Change is crucial.
To change sounds simple enough… well, on paper it does. 🙂 In reality, it is the difference between living in true freedom of expression or being stuck.
Renewal of the mind, setting the intentions on what you want to do, allowing some quiet time to get recharged, taking care of yourself, sifting through and dealing with the clutter to receive healing, helps you as a creative being to grow and prosper. Meaning your thoughts becomes a free-flowing river that touches your inner man and expression – in whatever form- becomes easy.
It all begins with a decision.
This is vital for your peace of mind number one and growth as an artist number two.
It is the ability to recognise who you are, set aside the coping mechanisms and sort out what hinders your creativity. Only then can you be truly free to receive the miracle of creativity.
Be kind to yourself and grow.
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