We hear it a lot. Simply your life. Cut what you don’t need. Even when I read and listen to motivational speakers, they will say: simplify your life.

But we never do. There is always a reason: we are too tired or we do not have time. During my struggle with my website, I realised this anew.

Creating something

When we start off with a new project, we are excited, feel energised and purposeful.

We do the research, apply what we learn, make mistakes. Begin again. This is part of life and we are okay with it. We make more mistakes to achieve a simple design that will fit, follow directions.

But there came a day that I had to stop. All the book covers, and images of the Road trip page disappeared in the front end. At the back end it worked perfectly, on the front just blankness.

The BookPress plugin did not work and Youst told me consistently my website was lacking key phrases, content words, my short codes are not working, and URL links were broken, etc.

What did that even mean?

I investigated the different culprits that was a thorn in my side, read again, I deleted, I began again. At the end, the website was a mess, and I was more confused than ever.

This was when the overwhelmed staged stepped in. The things the fixers proposed was time-consuming and Greek to me… 😊 I simply was tired and in no mood to learn a new field just to get noticed in internet’s world. Time to write was non-existent, and I was beyond frustrated.

When I received an email from a very chirpy person on the other side of the Internet world, who wants to know how things worked out for me, I ignored her. I knew if I responded to the email it would not be a pleasant conversation. When the second email arrived, I thought I better answer. (Some will say it is an automated email just ignore it, but I don’t work that way.) In all things, be upfront and to the point. Right. 😊

I told her I am an author. I know about words; I know about research; I know about page-layout and book covers. Tell me about the meat grinder of Smashwords, and I will confirm that I can do it with fewer curses than creating a website. I explained to her I do not understand this lingo they mentioned within their ‘helpful’ emails and video clips. I thanked her for her time, but this is where the relationship will end. I was done and unplugged the plugin.


Since I use the WordPress’s platform, I had to ask questions which had its own closed-door affect. I learned quickly that WordPress has a lingo of its own. The experts’ time did not come for free, and they are not willing to share their knowledge. Money talks and for me that felt like another brick in the wall. (You get the pun?) 😊 I knew this would either stop me or I should look for alternatives.

Praise the Lord for YouTube and Udemy. I enrolled into a WordPress course by Andrew Williams, and the shouting and cursing days disappeared into thin air, and sanity remained.

But the problem with plugins, when you don’t understand all the insightful descriptions they gave you, could confuse you. You add and delete almost regularly. There were so many to choose from. I felt like a bull in a china shop.

I come from a Blogger background. There are no plugins. It’s easy to manage and everyone that has some computer skills can do it. The best part: it is free.

Not WordPress. It has a plugin for social buttons, a button for comments, a button to stop spam… the list can grow to a hefty number and Youst informed me at one stage that there were unused plugins. That took a full day to find and delete since it opened the website for more spam and internet arrestment. (paraphrase here… :))

During the entire excursion, bugs accumulated on my website like a fly on a… you can fill in that word… 😊 Akismet and WP security became my best friends.

At one stage I added another plugin in the hopes to help me that was when the real trouble began and I had to stop, take a breather, step back and pray. I don’t think I have ever prayed so much for wisdom for a website as in that time. I was clueless.


This is when I realised that there is a restore button. Can you hear the heavenly chorus? The restore button is not one to mess with. In computer lingo, restoration means you begin over. There is no backtrack button if you choose wrong. Luckily, it also works with timelines. Oh Happy day… 😊. Once that button is pressed, there is no turning back.

It was one-click… just one simple click, and all was well in my world.

It changed a lot and with the help of the course; I simplified my website. Straightened the bugs and simplified it to a manageable site. I have learned to use the ones I have to achieve the results needed. Without the time-consuming mess.

In a matter of a day, my website changed from one that has a mind of its own to one I could control. No more confusing messages or broken links, etc. I simplified what it needed and received my harmony back. And I am back to writing, praise the Lord.

In a nutshell: simplicity is the key to brilliance.

If you are at a crossroad most peculiar and do not know what is going on, go back to that drawing board and simplify until it works for you. This pertains to life as well. Find the restore button and use it with great wisdom. Go to your knees when possible. It will amaze you at the result.

Other news

Love at War is coming along, and the end is in sight. The planned publishing date is for end of March if all goes well.

I am also working on another book I have written years ago and feel it is now the time to finish and publish it. Source of Joy is part of a series that promises for interesting reading. It was a series that has its roots with my son when he left for the US.

Both books are Christian romance/family saga genres with insightful lessons I have learned over the last few years.

Books: For more information about my books, visit the portfolio page. Here you can catch up with character interviews, interviews, online reads and buy links to the books.

Leave a message and let me know your thoughts about the website, any book reviews, etc.

Smashwords sale

It is Smashwords 12th Annual Read an Ebook Week Sale!

March 7, 2021 – March 13, 2021. I have enrolled Blood Mines, Bella’s Choice and Juweel van die Oosgrens to this sale. Be sure to look out for them. Share with your friends as well.

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Be brilliant today.

You are blessed and highly favoured.


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