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 New website: Kreativ Collectiv

The name Kreativ Collectiv implies the freedom to be you as you remain in a structured community of like-minded people. As with all things in life, discipline, responsibility, and accountability are the fundamentals we live by.

While sharing ideas, we allow ourselves the freedom to explore without limits. It is the yin and yang of our being. It is the effortless flow while it conforms you to the rules of your trade. I have learned this during my writing career. You have the freedom of story, characters, plot etc but professionals should proofread it. You should follow the guidelines to make it acceptable for the reader by furious editing.

In this structure, you have the freedom of expression. It is connecting with your Source, God, or your Heavenly Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, that you create. Every word you speak, every action you take, every time you move, shift, do or make something you create. It is a creative entity of self-expression.

It's seldom that we get second chances and when it happens it leaves a lasting impression on you and the people you connect with.

Beginning with the changes takes time and effort and I started to implement the clean page I received back in 2019. It happened when I attended a Holy Spirit Conference in Pretoria and on my way back, I passed a place that held bad memories for me. With an audible voice, God said: “It is done. I give you a clean page.” That was my saving grace. Before that time, I experienced guilt, rejection, and judgment severally.

Changes are difficult but vital for growth. It hones your person, your skills and lifts your spirit.

Over a couple of posts, I will share this journey step by step. I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.

Writing news

My Afrikaans book, Juweel van die Oosgrens, is close to completion. Last week I created the book cover and is busy with the final proofread. Then it will go back to the proof reader. She will do a last read to make sure we missed nothing. A painstakingly slow process to dot each I and cross every t.

A little about the book

Juweel van die Oosgrens is a historical romance set in 1815 when Afrikaans and South Africa were still young. The Xhosa Wars, and theft an everyday occurrence. Long distances and lack of basic education, law enforcement and health care were just some things the people on the Eastern Border had to face. Women were a rarity in these parts, and once a man finds one, he holds on for dear life.

The Eastern Border is a vast country that had much to offer to the adventurous heart. With many possibilities for the people to begin with a new life away from the British hold at the time. Graham’s Town and the Addo District were small and underdeveloped but offered the essentials for the growing region. Ostrich farming was still in its infancy and life in general difficult. They appointed veldkornets to handle the peace and hold record of the growing nation, but they were few. Small patrols, comprising of Boers, had to do the rounds between the farms which would take them away from their own farms for long extended times. Leaving the wives and children alone to defend themselves. Women from the Cape of Storms were not keen to venture these inhabited places.

Today the Eastern Cape is a tourist paradise. It is the 48th place on the world index list and offers a variety for the visitor. The Addo Elephant Reservation is the biggest attraction in this area. The Indian Ocean is well-known for its whales, dolphins, and all other wildlife as you journey through the Garden Route with its rich history and beautiful landscapes. Roads make it easily accessible, but back in 1815 there were no roads or mountain passes to guide the way.

Many battles took place here of which The Slachter's Nek Rebellion takes prominence and deserves a mention within the book.

I really tried to combine the many languages that our ancestors spoke into one story to give the reader, who is not familiar with the origin of Afrikaans, an unobstructed view through the characters' everyday lives and give Afrikaans the spotlight it deserves.

The Afrikaner has left their mark and build South Africa to a beautiful country. With the current problems we face, I believe we will come to a mutual ground where each person can have a life they desire. A land of milk and honey, as it once had been.

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons. It oils the brain, wakes the creativity and fuel conversation.

Thank you for your support.

I found this wonderful website and thought about why not. I love to connect over a cuppa of my favourite brew while connecting. Have a look, and if this is something you like doing then Buy me a coffee.

I wish you a blessed journey.


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