The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead, he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

2 Peter 3:9

We are all waiting for something, waiting in hope and faith for God to arrive in our lives. To make that dream come true. Time ticks by and waiting becomes a curse. You become tired, angry. You feel neglected: God, where are you? Are you listening?

You are doubting yourself during this time waiting for an answer from God, but none comes. You pray for confirmation, but none comes. You ask the leaders to pray with you and the answers you receive are not what you were expecting. You feel foolish. Doubts sets in. When will it happen? Is this waiting from God?

The Good news is:

While you are waiting, God is working. He never does nothing in this period. What you perceive as ignoring God perceives as preparing. Patience is working a good thing in us.

Skills are added while you are waiting. Skills you will need for this dream. Skills that will benefit you.

God crafts chapters while you wait. Chapters of wisdom, insight, self-control, patience, love, knowledge and much more.

You are tested at this time. Like any student who learns something new, they write tests to determine if they understood the subject. When they fail, they have to rewrite it.

Waiting makes little sense for us but for God it does. He sees the bigger picture. He sees, he protects, and he provides in your needs during this time.

Missing out?

You feel you are missing out on life. But He wants us to wait on him, trust in him, follow the promptings, go the extra mile. When a door opens, test it. Even when it is a mistake it is a lesson. Don’t dismiss the lesson. Make the lesson the focus not the hurt. Pain is an emotional experience and will lessen but the lesson will remain. Take the lesson to heart.

God is working—it should become a mantra in your life.

He has heard your prayers.

Faith is when you see nothing. Hope is a tool to use which develops your faith. Cling to it and use it.

Faith is a matter of the heart. Faith keeps you centred. It gives you joy.


Something good is going to happen.

God will come through.

Enjoy your wait. Wait with a good attitude. Enjoy the journey. See the sunlight. Shape your talents. Learn what you can to help you with your dream.

Be grateful. After patience has done its work faith will carry you.

We want the results, but God is interested in the journey.

David had waited 13 years before he could sit on the throne. During that waiting period he had to take care of his father's sheep. If David did not pass the test in the veld, he would not have become king. God is watching you, when you are ready it will come to pass.

If the situation is not changing, God is changing you. All things are working for your good.

God is working.

Sometimes you see more of the why behind the wait.

Because God is silent does not mean he is ignoring you. That he is neglecting you.

Your dreams will go to you. The key to the dream has your name. Stop looking at other people, comparing yourself to them. You are not other people. The dream, the promotion, the job, it will come. Keep going.

The reason it takes longer is that it is bigger than your thoughts therefore you have to be prepared.

When you feel impatient, go into your waiting room and become quiet.

Don’t be impatient.

Don’t become angry or fearful.

All will work for the good for those who believe.

Waiting shapes you into a better version of yourself. You can only win when you are patient.


You are blessed and highly favoured.

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