Scripture: Rom 8:21
An All-Knowing God ordains each step you take. Even the steps that take the wrong direction are designed to bring you closer to His purpose and love. Each step teaches you something else; about yourself and God’s grace. It is a day-by-day growth that strengthens you.
Though God cautions us not to sin, our sins shape us. When we change direction, it is for the better. Nothing is a waste. It might take longer but we will still get there.
With this said I don’t mean wilful or spiteful sins. I mean those sins you do without realizing it was actually a sin or you do unintentionally.
The wilful ones, the ones we think are the best in a moment of weakness, need to be repented of. Once we have turned away from that sin, God uses those lessons to elevate us to the next steppingstone. Nothing is a waste with Him.
In this, we know God is always with us, that His love is ever-present.
Today I repent of my wilful sins, those things that no man knows. (Name them) The sins I hide behind closed doors. Father, I repent of them. I make a willful decision to walk in your wisdom. To live the plan, You have ordained long before I was born. Today I make a choice to walk in your footsteps. No matter the excuses I make, no matter the circumstances; Father, I declare victory over my mind to obey your decrees and laws. Keep my eyes from not seeing the sinful things, but focus on the good. Close my mind to the distractions that try to hinder my walk.
I declare I am an overcomer by the blood of Jesus making the correct choices for my life in every step. Sin has no hold over me. I cloak myself with your armor – head to toe.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

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