Scripture: 1 Cor 13


How do your relationships look like?

How do your immediate circumstances look like?

Working as an estate agent, I had a code of conduct to adhere to. The Estate Agency Board’s codes mixed with the agency I signed a contract with. We read it thoroughly and signed this lengthy document with some hesitation. As humans, we are prone to mistakes. And to sign this where no excuses were tolerated was a big step. Penalties were a given if you stepped out of line. These rules stated with exact discipline how you should interact with clients.

In life we also have a code of conduct manual; the Bible. It is our daily guide to be the most effective human being. Listening to a book the other day it was pointed out again that our conduct is the result of our world and how it looks like.

If you are irritable and grumpy all the time your world reflects and attracts negatively. Especially in your relationships, it is more noticeable. If you walk around with a smile on your face, no matter the circumstances you experience, your relationships are healthy.

If you want a different outcome in your life, change your conduct. It will change your relationships, your circumstances and your choices. You will not act from a place of irritability but love. Your conduct should be beyond approach.


Father, help me detect the moments of irritability in my day and change them to Your conduct. Your Son was the perfect example when walking on the earth. Even when he was betrayed, He walked in Love. Though His circumstances were severe, He showed love and forgave. Holy Spirit, help me with everything I say and do. I make a conscious decision to not walk in intolerance, impatience, be irritable but with patients, tolerance and love. Fill me with Your Peace so that I can show it in my life and can become the magnet of goodness and love and be a blessing to others.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Worthy to be Loved

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