Our daily struggles walk into a brick wall every time our attitude turns sour. The moment we face an illness, job loss, or any other difficulty, our attitude changes. Instead of gladness, we are bitter. We need a good dose of honey to quicken our spirits. To be positive amid negative things happening in our lives gives us freedom. If we are negative, it hinders our breakthrough.

It is a daily choice; to proclaim victory. To proclaim success in the face of an adversary, I can, and I shall take guts and determination. To be positive creates a physical well-being state that transcends to every area of your life. Like honey, it saturates your entire life and touches those close to you.

Your determination opens doors, creating a new world that you have not seen before.

Make a deliberate decision to change your thinking. Walk-in determined faith and take hold of your victory.


Father, today I make a choice to walk with a positive attitude: to be truly happy, no matter the circumstances. Father, I declare victory over my mind, my mouth, and my actions, and walk into my destiny. Father, quench my thirst with your honey and set my feet on a rock.

Father, I proclaim I am an overcomer, because of what Jesus did on the cross. His death gave me the strength to walk in freedom. I thank you for strengthening my heart, mind, and body. Remove all doubts from my mind. Wash me with your Word and open the floodgates of Heaven onto me.

All doubts I place before you because you know the best. I submit myself to you, knowing you care for me. Therefore, I commit every word to be in accordance with your own.

In Jesus Name, Amen.


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